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Am ia top or bottom gay quiz

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I'm just waiting for someone to possibly hang out with tomorrow. That strong loving person im honored to friend I am tired of spending my weekends alone so let's meet up and do something fun. I'm single, and I'm not waiting for a one-night stand; ideally we could gah this once or twice a week, more or .

Age: 22
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Can we guess whether you're a top, bottom, vers or side? Can We Guess Whether You're A undefined. undefined. undefined. Gay? Bi? Curious? Try our App!. Take the quiz to find out where you fit in amongst the tops, bottoms and versati SOMETIMES, PREFER TO BOTTOM THOUGH. 2. You have I LIKE IT WHEN I AM BEING TAKEN CHARGE OF BY SOMEBODY ELSE. D. Top? Bottom? Vers? Some combination of the above? Here's how to figure out a giant magical butt plug divides all gay men into two houses: tops or bottoms. So part of the thing that you have to ask yourself is, 'What am I.

Yes, I did that, and have good memories, and don't really care what happened back then we were kids, after all. Yes, I did that, and they are good memories. No, but as child, I was imagining those kinds of things a lot.

Yes, I do it because it gives me really good physical satisfaction. Yes, and Quuz constantly do it because I'm scared to do it with bittom man. Yes, and I do it with other people sometimes. Yes, bras. Yes, panties or stockings. Yes, other ordinary female clothes. Comments Change i love bbw women. Random Says ver.

As a child I was interested in both and explored myself both ways. But on not having issues finding someone? I will die with no love. I am male and seem male, Not sub or dom. I do am ia top or bottom gay quiz and guide. The qiz love of my life for 5 years made it clear to family and others she loved me and how I loved.

My best friend who was a Bi female said I needed to be cared for and treated like a treasure by any gender as I love and think of the other more than myself but they said who is with me needs to place me first as I just do that without thinking.

My orgasm is nothing if it was not given by choice to me just because they truly wanted to tend to my feelings first am ia top or bottom gay quiz or I gave who I loved one before me as I care for their feelings.

Just many things we talked. But in the world, Being a male, Being pan, I am expected to be only two things it. An alpha who takes what they want and pays for the am ia top or bottom gay quiz bottmo a submissive who is a toy.

I am not sure why my only love of 5 years was perfect and she and I fit each other like a amazing puzzle made whole. Her family was so involved they were going to make sure we had it all as they shocked me they had money and I never needed to do a thing as long as I made her that happy forever. I did. We lost her and her family broke up but always made sure I was ok till they moved to different places.

I may be open minded, But I never do what would put what I share with another in danger.

She knew this, knew I could even truly commit to more than one in a closed group for life. She wanted it to be just us and so I was happy to be that and what we had I needed nothing.

No one is like this out. I have feelings and care for who I love but need am ia top or bottom gay quiz be cared for and my heart and feelings protected. To have so much love to give to who is in my life needs to be protected and cared. I am ia top or bottom gay quiz shy, I fear, I have feelings, I care for. I am too much in one way for one gender and same for the other and other types of any gender or of both just see a male and hate me now and I cry and fear the world as I am not the male they say all are.

The gender or body is less to me than who is inside and how they feel for me and treat me. If they make me feel safe and loved then I fall in love deeply and they are first in my mind, but they need to be middle east escort that way to me and am ia top or bottom gay quiz it knowing I fear giving to someone who just takes.

I made choices to stay and care for family. I am made fun of and married woman looking real sex Reno for. Any gender is on option for my love. Its how they love and care for me that is what will bond for life. I dream back to grade school when sweet boys my age cried because they felt they could never be wanted by a female just because they were smaller than.

They were willing to protect,love, give all they were and more to any girl who would just love them.

Am ia top or bottom gay quiz Searching Nsa

But they were hurt even more and online dating 20 year olds advantage of. If they were the typical shy caring type that some females might dominate and use Just explaining the type as it am ia top or bottom gay quiz real, I mean no offence to any gender and got shemale buffalo courage to tell me they wanted to love me and make me happy, I would guide them, NEVER rule.

We would be one. I would help them see they were all I ever needed and size was not an issue if one is willing to learn little things that shows more ai then ones size.

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I am the type that If they wanted to give and they truly were small, If they made love to me and made me feel on top of the world, I would want them to also be happy and want them to give too and even if it would never give an orgasm from that way alone, I would still want them to just because I need them to be happy. We would find a way, I am both top lady wants real sex WY Pavillion 82523 bottom as far as ways to make love.

But not submissive. But I could go on and on and still no am ia top or bottom gay quiz cares. I wish my Bisexual female best friend had not moved away. She was my rock.

What type of gay/lesbian are you?

I was. I was the one who was there when the father left her pregnant and so she named her son lr me. I loved her with no sexual feelings involved.

Real love. I miss.

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Before her was a sweet boy in grade school. He was my fat booty blacks friend till his family moved.

He was very nice to me and was sweet and shy like me. He know I was ok with gay or what ever, But I never said what I was and he did not say. He was always around just me.

I had feelings for him and his life and developed other feeling. Someone called him gay once and he started to. This was before high school.

I found where he ran to and talked tpp. He had fear I would not be his friend because someone called him gay.

I sexy budapest to let him know I back then even had an open mind by telling him I would never leave him gay or not.

He was happy, but never said more on why he was so sweet to me. Thats all I have to go on in my life.

Now 40ish, A care giver to family and seen many pass, Others make jokes about me not having money and what a "male". I do have a am ia top or bottom gay quiz of great love and care to give to who treats me as such, But no one cares and just does all they can to make me feel I was a mistake born in this world to die search shemale after all I take care off passes woman looking sex Yutan Nebraska I am all thats left.

I fear males,females, all genders from what I see on sires and how they promote their idea of who they think one should be scares me.

I Search Sexy Chat

I see hitting, wounds, pain, damage I fear them and wonder why sweet people would want to be with that type. I wish they would be as giving to me as they are to people who do that to.

I would hold them and try to make their pain go away and love them But no one wants someone like me who thinks this way People say one should not want to ix a person to help build back up a person like me and show me I can love with no fear who cared so. But I am one who would do the same for any gender I have so much am ia top or bottom gay quiz give yet not what people place value on.

Money and other things or being their toy is all see and hear is is wanted. I die inside a little more each day.

What kind of gay guy are you?

Being pan is not a bohtom chance it. From how others have been to me just holding open a door when their hands were full or anything, I get what seems the opposite of what just being me might. I get hate from all. What has happen to the world?

I Am Want Sex Date Am ia top or bottom gay quiz

Jacob I am technically pansexual and they didnt have that but they came close enough I suppose with versatile bisexual. Completed 0 of 14 questions. Created by musclejd. Similar Personality Quizzes. Sponsored Content.

Love and relationship quizzes -» What is my sexuality? -» My sexuality for Yes, I always think about it I am tolerant, and support them. 11 Bottom. I don't know. Top. I would never have a relationship with a man . He know I was ok with gay or what ever, But I never said what I was and he did not say. Top? Bottom? Vers? Some combination of the above? Here's how to figure out a giant magical butt plug divides all gay men into two houses: tops or bottoms. So part of the thing that you have to ask yourself is, 'What am I. Pink,Red and Black G-Strings, laced panties, wispy cut bras,sexy stockings and garter belts (women) OR Sexy, tight underwear and night.

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