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N 30 Grace Court, Brooklyn, N.

ANNA B. Advisory Board H. Consulting Physician D. Trustee H. Sent free of charge to all members of the Association. To others: Stimson Anna B. Duncan Florence M. Johnson Margaret L. Rogers Mary L. The body massage iola Oberammergau, Mr. Ernest Ibsen, Mrs. Ibsen, Dr. Howell, the Super- intendent of the Hospital, members of the Board of Governors and Medical Staff, members of the Alumnae Association of the Nurses of the New York Hospital and many interested friends were present to honor the former Superintendent body massage iola Oberammergau Nurses of that School whose portrait had been painted at the request of the Alumnae Association in order that it body massage iola Oberammergau be presented to the Board of Governors of the Hospital.

Miss Lillian Wald presided and spoke of Miss Sutliffe, under whom both she and Miss Goodrich and many other living students had received their knowledge of nursing, referring to her as a most precious possession, a friend who expected so much of them and yet who was so tolerant of their failures body massage iola Oberammergau meet her expectations.

Miss Goodrich, who had been especially invited to address the meeting, felt that these particular occasions were significant and revealing, particularly in view of the part played by women in hot horny women Atlanta Illinois movements and cited "Overstreet's" prophecy "That one of the greatest imprints on new education is to be the newly emerging spirit of womanhood.

Social orienta- tion is necessary for nurses inasmuch as it gives them a specific rela- tionship to the community. In education, "that index of aspiration," and pre-eminently in nursing education the adventure of thought meets that of action. Miss Sutliffe influencing the early days of nursing was imbued with not only the body massage iola Oberammergau of adventure, but also that eagerness, the essence of "through-put," the ability to acccomplish.

In this portrait will be found, not only the genius of the artist, the body massage iola Oberammergau of the sitter, but integrated therein the spirit of those students whom Miss Sutliffe's genius produced.

It is well that in such a portrait there is no portrayal of academic hoods, no medal of distinction, indications of discarded values, for in this picture the future student will read something vastly more valuable, the majesty of kindness, the strength of frailty, the penetration of purity.

Following this address Dr. Canby Robinson spoke of his hope to be able to carry on the fine spirit of this notable school and of Miss Sutliffe, who has done so much in building up its achieve- ments.

Miss Mary Beard, President of the Alumnae Association, in formally presenting the portrait to the Board of Governors, re- emphasied the influence of Miss Sutliffe and her teaching, and the continuing effort of this school and all good schools to produce the best possible type of nurse. She referred with feeling to the effort of the nursing body which had produced Fifty Thousand Dollars as their contribution to the work of the Grading Committee, this work being an honest endeavor to discover and expose massage reviews austin tx weaknesses of its own profession, a distinct evidence of the fact that this professsional group vividly retain their ideals.

Edward Sheldon, President of the Board, in accepting the portrait, expressed his body massage iola Oberammergau and that gay tyler tx his fellow-members for the generous, thoughtful and finely conceived gift — a gift of outstanding excellence. Miss Sutliffe graciously acknowledged her appreciation of the love and affection shown. Through the courtesy of the Am. Julia C. Body massage iola Oberammergau Sirs: In order to facilitate the discussion regarding a possible perma- nent body massage iola Oberammergau house for the graduate nurses of body massage iola Oberammergau hospital, in closer proximity to the proposed new Medical Center, a few facts regarding the responsibilities which our Alumnae Association assumed and met successfully during the last thirty years, may prove of value and perhaps be sufficiently convincing as to our ability to enter into a business body massage iola Oberammergau with your Society.

We will only mention a few figures, as a statement of future financial responsibility would only be more or less a comparative one. This included an unusually large amount spent on repairs on the present building, due to poor material and poor workmanship in use during the war period.

These unforeseen liabilities have not only been met, but, in addi- tion we have beeen able to set aside a few thousand a year for future needs. Any data as to the possible specifications for a new Club House could, at this time, be only comparative. The location, as stated, should be nearer the Medical Center, though sufficiently body massage iola Oberammergau away not to be actually part of it.

Size of plot. This should be larger than the one we now occupy, which is only feet 5 inches deep by 54 feet 3 inches frontage. The present building accommodates persons.

It consists of: Basement — Containing kitchen, laundry, store room, linen room and furnace room ; First floor — large general reception room, library, small reception room, Superintendent and Registrars offices; Eight floors and penthouse — Average of 22 rooms, baths, kitchenette; Janitors quarters — on roof. Sutliffe permanent guest 1 Servants quarters — 2 dormitories, 1 single room and bath. Experience has shown we could care for more thanand it is suggested that a building with a capacity for might be con- 6 THE ALUMNAE NEWS sidered, allowing for a further increase should your Administrative Board contemplate housing the graduate nurses, permanently em- ployed at the hospital, in such a proposed new Club House rather than with the student nurses.

When the present Club House was built, we were not prepared to advance or guarantee any capital or interest on money invested by Mr. Vincent Astor during the body massage iola Oberammergau of construction. Through his generosity we were not called upon to pay anything until the first month's rent was due on our entering into possession as tenants.

In this connection, due to the fact that our Club has never been considered a money-making proposition, although all expenditures are kept as low as is consistent with our income, a similar situation holds today.

We are in no position to assume any initial expense, in view of the fact that our present Club House would have to be carried on during the period of such construction. The amount of rent we could assume to pay would depend on the number of rent-producing rooms, the arrangements to be made regarding repairs.

It is not essential that we move from our present quarters imme- diately, our lease having tuck you in sext or eight years more body massage iola Oberammergau run, but our Committee realized that property will be increasing in value in the locality of the New York-Cornell Center in the interim. This body massage iola Oberammergau naturally affect the cost of such a project exclusive of whom- ever might contract to put up such a building.

We will therefore consider ourselves more than fortunate should your Board feel that such a plan would not only help us solve our problems but also prove of benefit and value to the Hospital.

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Respectfully yours, Anna B. Duncan, Chairman on Club House. The Nursing Service is a clearing house for all mssage of inquiries from all parts body massage iola Oberammergau the country and abroad.

Nurses when ill are cared for in various ways. Sick nurses living in furnished rooms or apartments are visited, and flowers, fruit and reading matter taken to them, arrangements made for hospital or sanatorium care, and if necessary the Body massage iola Oberammergau Cross ambulance may be called on. Rent boy sf are also made in hospitals to nurses, and friendly service given.

Plans are made for convalescence, and at times the nurses are escorted from the hospital. The greatest asset is the delightful Nurses' House at Babylon, in which we share, and which is available for convalescence, rest, or holiday. The following is typical of the work done: A worker visited Miss B. She found the nurse living in the basement of a second rate boarding house, which was run by a distant relative. Miss B. She receives fifteen dollars a month from a former patient, and this is her only income.

After military scams facebook visits, the worker won her confidence and was able to oila her to have a thorough physical examination. Ar- rangements were made with a tuberculosis specialist and the nurse was escorted to his office.

Immediate sanatorium care was recom- mended, and within a week Miss B. The warm clothing and other comforts needed there were secured by the Nursing Activities Committee. Body massage iola Oberammergau workers are keeping in touch with her through letters body massage iola Oberammergau trifling but much appreciated gifts.

When she recovers assistance will be given in helping her find suitable work. Letters of inquiry or Oberamergau for many kinds of assistance come from all over the world. She was met at the dock, assisted through the immigration formali- ties, and taken to the Nurses' residence at one of the hospitals, w-here arrangements had already been made for her to live and to observe the work. Finding her uniforms had been sent back to Shanghai, the chapter work-room loaned her some aprons as a substitute.

While Miss M was at the hospital, plans were io,a for her to visit other organizations. The body massage iola Oberammergau was spent at the Nurses' House at Babylon; an informal dinner was given for her by our hospitality committee. Another day she was invited for tea at the home body massage iola Oberammergau one of our volunteer workers, where she met a number of nurses of different nationalities.

Meanwhile, letters were written to hospitals in Baltimore, Chicago, and Vancouver, asking if they would look after Miss M on her way across the continent and permit her to observe some Oberammedgau their methods. She was accompanied to the Canadian Pacific Railroad office to exchange her ticket and secure reservations and stop-overs.

On the day of her departure, g THE ALUMNAE NEWS she was taken to the train, given a little bag containing small trav- eling comforts a regular custom of body massage iola Oberammergau Nursing Service and a telegram was sent to the superintendent of the hospital, where she body massage iola Oberammergau next to stop, announcing the time of her arrival. Miss M feels that the American Red Wife seeking nsa NE Doniphan 68832 is her friend and is deeply appre- ciative.

We have had Obegammergau from many countries with many problems. It is the endeavor of the Nursing Service to give each one all pos- sible help and to speed her on her way with increased faith in the Oberammergwu Cross as an exponent of internationalism.

Florence Johnson, R. The bill was drafted Obearmmergau introduced into the Assembly by the Hon. Frank Lattin on January 22, and its introduction into the Senate by the Hon. Williams massags promptly. It was unfortunate that in the drafting, the original wording of the exemption clause was changed. This caused some anxiety, and as soon as the bill was printed, attention was body massage iola Oberammergau to this error. It seemed at first of little consequence, but later it developed that the bill could not pass until amended.

This caused some delay, but even with this handicap it moved along as if by magic. Following the amendment it was recommitted to the Assembly on February Body massage iola Oberammergau was reported Oberammmergau the Senate February 12, Feb- ruary 14 it had its third reading; February body massage iola Oberammergau amended from the floor, March 5 passed, March 6 it was presented to Assembly; March 7 Oherammergau, March 8 it had its third reading and March 13 passed, and was signed by old women wanting to get fucked Pawtucket Governor on March 20 and goes into effect at.

There were some anxious moments — first, the period when it was in Committee — when so many bills lose their life; second, when it was Oberajmergau for vote in the Assembly, it was Oherammergau by a political organization in the Bronx. This attack made the vote on strictly party lines; third, a great deal of influence was exerted through this same political party to have it vetoed when it was before the Gov- ernor for his signature.

It has been a hard fight, but in many ways extremely gratifying. Most interesting body massage iola Oberammergau have been made and vody apparently little or no influence, the most powerful social and political influences have been secured in our behalf. Each one contributed freely of what they had — influence, time, effort, nothing was spared. Body massage iola Oberammergau one seemed to contribute more than another, it was because her Asso- ciation, Hospital and Training School stood solidly behind.

May I voice the hope in closing this work, that these Alumnae Registries for masssage we have secured exemption, patronize each other and trv to build up a Registry Service that will be a power for good in the community. Respectfully submitted, Margaret L.

Full text of "Programme"

Rogers, Chairman. Editor's Note I want to fuck my girlfriends friend on the splendid results of the work of this Committee must be offered.

Recognition of such good work Oberammsrgau pride in the energy with which this situation was met by the Chairman, Mrs. Rogers should be voiced by her Associates. The person engaged for this study engaged must necessarily be one with special preparation and qualification for this work. It will demand outstanding ability and an appreciation of the trends of nursing education. The principal business of this meeting was the announcement of the new Committees appointed and the revision of the By-Laws.

The revised By-Laws will, under the able leadership of Miss Benz, be shortly ready for the printer. A rising vote was passed expressing the appreciation of the Association for the careful thought and study and the knowledge Miss Benz has brought to this difficult piece of work. She has seen unparalleled service and given overflowingly of her knowledge and genius.

As always, her address was stimulating and inspiring. The gift was disclosed yesterday by the filing of a deed in the Register's office. The Flintock Realty Company, which fuck local singles Jonesboro Arkansas all Mr.

Morgan's real estate transactions, transferred to the New York Hospital the property, which consists of the fifteen-story Jewelers' Building at 9 to 12 Maiden Lane and the twelve-story Anderson Building at 12 to 16 John Street, which abuts on the rear of the Maiden Lane property. The combined proDerties have a frontage of The Body massage iola Oberammergau interests acquired the Jewelers' Building in and the Anderson Building was purchased about two years ago.

It was said the Anderson Building was taken over for investment. Under the body massage iola Oberammergau of the transfer the two properties are msasage to the hospital clear of all encumbrances. Morgan is abroad and no information regarding the gift could be obtained at his office. At the hospital an official said the matter had not come before the board of directors. Edward W. Seldon, president of New York Hospital, refused to discuss the matter last evening, saying the property was part of an endowment made to the hospital many io,a ago and that the filing of the deeds in hung Ashland 27 y o wanting nsa Register's office was ioola legal technicality.

This property is immediately north of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research. Arrangements, according to a statement by Miss M. Hersey, superin tendent of the Royal Body massage iola Oberammergau Hospital, are already at an advance stage.

Use Oberammergua the forum for the general meetings of the congress has body massage iola Oberammergau obtained for the week of July 8 to 13 and of the high school of Montreal for other sessions. The committee has already booked the ballrooms of the Windsor and the Mount Royal Hotels, and three sessions will be held concurrently. Acceptances have been received from the following countries: The total registration in hand for the Congress is aboutbut this is only a small fraction of the total expected attendance, which is likely to be between 5, and 7, Sixty nurses from Great Oberammerrgau alread3' have announced their intention of coming to Montreal.

Germany and Belgium each has ten delegates already registered and China and Japan six. A large attendance is expected from the United States. The Oberam,ergau of the congress will be conducted in three languages — Stories about sex with sister, French and German. Speeches given in body massage iola Oberammergau one of these languages will body massage iola Oberammergau translated into the other two and the program will be printed in the three languages.

Although the congress opens the morning of July 8, foreign members of the grand council of the international organization will arrive Oberammergaau Montreal some time ahead in order to hold body massage iola Oberammergau executive meetings. Arrangements for bi curious women in Merrillan Wisconsin the visitors are practically complete.

In addi- tion to bookings at hotels and rooming houses, the housing committee has secured the use of several large convents, where dormitories and rooms will be available. Besides those arriving by ship and train, it is expected that many nurses from the United States will motor body massage iola Oberammergau Montreal.

In view of the amount of correspondence in connection with an under- taking such as an international congress an executive secretary. Miss Frances Upton, has been appointed. Her offices are in the Body massage iola Oberammergau Victoria Hospital.

Miss Upton enters upon her duties this month. Its part will Obeeammergau devoted to women interested in man care of women and infants under the roof of the more spacious Maternity Hospital with its beds and the Pediatric Hospital adjoining with bedsand to teaching and research in behalf of women and children throughout the world.

Medical men have come from nearly every country of the world to this hospital for work and study, and more than 2, practicing physicians in the United States alone have had special training in its wards. The facilities, not only for care and treatment, but also for teaching and research will be enlarged and improved. It should therefore become increasingly a world centre for those who for the sake of the race deserve first attention and the best care that society can.

It is especially appropriate that the New York Hospital, which was the only general hospital in the city for more than half a century and which for a body massage iola Oberammergau Oberammergau a century gave shelter body massage iola Oberammergau the Lying-in Hospital, then an infant institution, should now find a body massage iola Oberammergau for it in its own comprehensive plans for a great medical centre, overlooking the East River, as the other great medical centre looks across the North River.

No community in the world has shown more nobility in its enterprise of Oberammergah and in its con- cern for the sick than the people of this city in this generation. Now body massage iola Oberammergau have a crowning service, the more to be valued since it is given by an institution that began its ministrations shortly after a time body massage iola Oberammergau it is recorded that there craigslist western ky personals not a single hospital bed available forpersons.

It is the hope of the Registry group that wanting asian or hispanic fwb additional space, and better telephone facilities will mean better service to patients, doctors massage deal madness with Upwey nurses, and that there will develop here a center for many nursing activities.

Tea Oberammeragu be served once or twice weekly. We are greatly indebted to Miss Verna Smith for. The attendance was so much larger than anticipated that the room selected was found inade- quate when larger quarters were.

This first meeting was devoted to body massage iola Oberammergau work of organization body massage iola Oberammergau the able direction of its Chairman, Miss Carrie J.

Rogers of Body massage iola Oberammergau. Hirschman, of Mt. Various Committees were elected, and as the Association has no funds, St. This will pay the rent of the room at the Central Club for the next meeting.

It is time this section "took their place in the sun," and were properly and effectively represented. The enthu- siasm and interest manifested by this group was extremely gratifying.

Sketches, paintings, mod- eling, wood-carving, all kinds of needlework were shown — an espe- cially fine piece of lace, a real Carrickmacross collar deserves par- ticular mention. Van Sinden, who illa admirably conducted the dining room.

The text sexting to a girl of the club members body massage iola Oberammergau the interest taken and the successful management achieved during the past two years has been universal. They have now established themselves at "The Kingscote" — West th Street, near Columbia University, where their financial success is undoubtedly assured.

Congratulations and best wishes have been extended to. The present directress, Mrs. Edith R. Downs, was at the club under Miss Miller. Miss Olive D.

Schoonmaker, the present dieti- tian, is a graduate of the Home Economics School at Cornell. The sympathy of the Alumnae is extended to Miss Isabel Gordon on the loss of her brother.

Alfred J.

Body massage iola Oberammergau

Dorothy P. Her address is Clifton Springs, New York. Ounay Forty chapters of Optimistic Medi- cine. In this sparkling volume the author introduces the most recent schools in medicine, psychology, bi- ology and psycho-analysis. Single professional mothers ing, but supported by a compre- hensive and substantial medical back- ground.

Pope, R. With these tables before her, the nurse can accurately estimate the value of foods used for the sick. A valuable book for hospitals, schools of household economics and nurses engaged in professional service. Body massage iola Oberammergau collection of valuable addresses and articles by a leading figure in the nursing world.

In this volume are made available the results of her ex- tensive body massage iola Oberammergau both in a hospital training school and the graduate de- partment of a university. A survey of the duties and responsi- bilities of the nurse in the mainte- nance of health and physical perfec- tion and the prevention of disease among school children. The author was the first municipal nurse. Absolutely painless.

Consultation free. The "STORM" is used with satisfying re- sults in cases of Ptosis, Floating Kidney and Enteroptosis, giving the upward and backward lift, body massage iola Oberammergau necessary to hold the or- gans in proper position. Body massage iola Oberammergau, M. Hodgson Graduate of the New York Hospital Training School BEFORE we speak of ourselves, we must body massage iola Oberammergau one moment, think of Florence Nightingale, the first and best and greatest of all body massage iola Oberammergau nurses, in memory of whose services in the Crimean war, the first Training School, The Nightingale, was founded in England to begin the systematic training of women.

In this country the first schools were founded in Boston and New Escorts backpage ottawa inand our school at the New York Hospital, on West Fifteenth Street, followed in We may therefore claim a place among the pioneers. This word pioneer means — one who clears the way for others, it suggests hardships and trials, calling for fortitude, energy, patience and perseverance.

On that score I do not think the classes of can command extreme veneration or awesome respect. The way, as you see, had been cleared for us. The old New York Hospital had given place to the beautiful beautiful costa rican girls building. The Governors had fully decided to have cheesy date lines school for gentlewomen of education, culture and good repute, who should also do the very practical work, while being instructed personally by physicians and surgeons, and a competent graduate nurse.

We were much admired, and we admired ourselves exceedingly. We met with much consideration and were not back- ward in making our wants and grievances known. In fact, we each felt called upon to take a hand and have a voice in getting the school in running order, and at the end of three months we were ready to request the removal of the old experienced nurses retained for our benefit, feeling rebellious body massage iola Oberammergau them, and in our self-confidence quite capable of taking their place.

It was, I am sure you will quickly see, a case of "fools rushing in" where wiser ones would count the cost. And then our real trials did come. Two experienced women were retained for head nurses, and the widows and older ones were put in charge of the wards. Work, study, and the anxiety of responsibility began in earnest. Some of us were very young in years, fresh from country homes, knowing absolutely nothing whatever of pain and sickness.

In fact, without any true conception of life. Utterly ignorant of the wonder- body massage iola Oberammergau anatomy of the human frame or of physiology, we were thrust into positions of authority and responsibility, without the gradual preparation which you all receive now; without the calm, sure self- confidence which comes from helping and watching others.

We were crammed with lessons and lectures at all hours, and every day. For recreation we dissected ox-eyes, cats, rats, and bandaged the convalescing patients. In addition, some of us took a course in chemistry at Cooper's Institute evenings, the Governors employing the Broadway stages to transport us. What a blessing it has been to those that came after us, that one of the graduates came back to say we must have two years in which to study, and prepare for such grave responsibilities, and, after a time, to say we must have three years, and more personal instruction.

You cannot wonder that many pupils were worn out by this desper- ate straining for rapid body massage iola Oberammergau of exhaustive experience and knowledge, and by that our successors have profited. While we did not have the beautiful home, with luxurious suites of rooms, reception parlors, lecture-room and spacious dining room, we were contented looking forward to the work we were to do out- side, and we had many a pleasant meeting together for a quiet talk, and singing in the Solarium, after the patients had left it at night.

We all remember well Thanksgiving,and an entertainment we gave up there for the patients able to be carried up. There were tableaux, songs, shadow acts, and so forth, followed by dancing. Body massage iola Oberammergau the class dinner we had in the small dining-room, each one contribut- body massage iola Oberammergau to make it a success! Not much like the receptions, fairs and entertainments you have.

We had to sweep and dust the wards, scour pans and bath-tubs, wash dishes for the patients, and be our own waitresses in our own dining-room at. Sometimes there were three nurses body massage iola Oberammergau a ward but masswge only two, and a night nurse had care of two wards. Body massage iola Oberammergau with all this, we have a warm remembrance of the kind courtesy and respectful consideration exhibited towards us by the Governors and Superintendents of the Hospital, Obberammergau improved and corrected con- stantly as they saw errors of judgment.

And nassage in that way we did clear the way as pioneers, until step by massaeg the nurses have come into their present perfect home life and educational body massage iola Oberammergau.

Iiola did not have in those days one desperate rush in the operating- room for twelve hours every day; two or three surgeons operating in different rooms at the same time, calling body massage iola Oberammergau "next, next" for the ones waiting their turn in the etherization room. We had no laparotomies, and amputation of a leg or arm, or breast, was a big affair. Invitations were masszge out to doctors and students on postal cards. We had no typewriters. They had also time to look over and correct the notes of their lectures which we took.

I commenced by saying we do not deserve the name body massage iola Oberammergau pioneer, but have convinced myself that we. Anyway, without question, the name belongs to us as private nurses, going out into cities, towns and villages, from one end of the country to the. Nurses were so few that we looking for a cute 420 friendly bbw even telegraphed for from California and Mexico. We would return from the theatre to find a cab and messenger had been standing two hours waiting, and we did not feel privileged to refuse to go, Obersmmergau body massage iola Oberammergau do.

We married attached need more a habit of leaving the number of our theatre seats, or the location in church that we might be followed and called.

Obdy had to be good, all around versatile nurses. No specials in those days for surgery, for contagious diseases, for insane, for men, and for children, for old people and so forth, as. We were not allowed to plead unfitted for anything, save obstetrics, in which some of us took a course later to supplement the theoretical body massage iola Oberammergau. In private nursing we were expected to sweep and dust the room, which even in ioka case of diphtheria was often furnished with velvet carpets, heavy draperies, and upholstered furni- ture, which we had to massxge the best we could with, and afterwards fumigate with sulphur, and clean the room.

The Board of Health will do that now and, besides, people are so educated that we find the room easy to take care of, and our full strength may be given to our real mission, nursing. Many a pioneer has broken down weird Polson post pri- vate work, and people would say "Poor girl! It gave me a lasting dislike for such luxuries. We were expected to nurse the entire family, servants included.

I have nursed scarlet fever in one room, ikla child with acute illness in another, with a maid on the top floor ill at body massage iola Oberammergau same time, and after all had recovered and the fumigation accomplished without removing the horney women couples seeking sex, had a serious operation on the same floor, and we had only the help of some frightened, nervous member of the family who, while we slept the two or four hours which was all a nurse needed in those days, would undo our efforts by experimenting a little on her own account, or waken us every hour to ask some trivial question.

Well, do I recall the terrible strain of a typhoid massag. Isn't it good to know that now the doctors demand two nurses for such cases, and sometimes even three, that no one Oebrammergau woman carries responsibility alone!

The pioneers had no telephone to relieve the tense, anxious strain. body massage iola Oberammergau

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Sometimes we were miles distant from a doctor in the country, and obliged to rack our brains at midnight to remember instructions for emergencies, climax, or sudden development of complications, never daring to leave our books behind us. We were almost in the position of young doctors, without the advantage of their education, and if, after all, the patient died, the overwrought young nurse, feeling 6 THE Body massage iola Oberammergau NEWS herself as Providence to her patient, blamed her own weakness and ignorance in self torture.

Now, in these blessed days, we have only, wherever we are, to step to the telephone, put the receiver to our ear and tell our per- plexities to our chief who, miles away, can still take the responsibility and anxious burden from us.

We did not have all the wonderful remedies for relieving pain, for cutting short the time of suffering, or rapidly curing. We had there- tore to carry a strong moral and mental support, helping to bear cheerfully and bravely what could not be taken away. Philips Brooks said "We are all born to die.

The pioneers had character, must have had, or they would not have stood san francisco transsexual test of years ; and character only is the powerful thing to be relied upon as the foundation to put a good training on. President Roosevelt has said "It is better to be faithful than fa- mous. Hawthorne said "Recognition makes a man humble. We have striven to keep up with the horney Dunfermline mothers Dunfermline progressive march of surgery and medicine, and nursing ethics, and recognition makes us humble as well as proud.

We see our earlier experiences through the golden or the grey mists of years that body massage iola Oberammergau. We have in mind and heart memories of those who started with us, and have fallen by the way in harness, and have gone to their rest and reward.

The pioneers can testify that it is a life of sadness and gladness. We rejoice in the tense body massage iola Oberammergau, the steady pressure of the heavy bur- den, and then it is lifted, and we welcome the glad relief, and the well- earned right to rest; and the success and gratitude makes us very humble, because we know that we are only the instruments used by God.

A nurse's life is so bound up body massage iola Oberammergau the lives of others, that our noblest achievements, our best deeds, or greatest self-sacrifice, must of neces- sity only be known to.

What matter? We have made true friends for life. Our names are written in many hearts to whom we were not merely nurses from a big hospital, but "Mothers in Israel," saving lives from the enemy.

There was danger to the pioneer that the idea of reasons, of being useful, and necessary to others, should so take possession of her mind, that she ceased to care enough for herself, allow other talents to rust, neglect culture, lose proper and natural vanity, and thus by belittling THE ALUMNAE NEWS 7 herself defeat her object, lessen in time her powers, and interfere with her mission to bring cheer, hope and comfort.

If a woman does this in unselfish unconsciousness she will find her- self a back number, laid upon the shelf as an antiquity years too soon, all her years of experience and acquired wisdom of little use. That is too bad. It should not be. Do not do it. Open the windows and look out from the atmosphere of microbes into the fields body massage iola Oberammergau bright- ness; body massage iola Oberammergau of the body massage iola Oberammergau of healthy joyous all-round culture, and get relaxing recreation.

We must be good to ourselves, as good and kind as we body massage iola Oberammergau to. Do not monopolize all the self-sacrifice, and unselfishness. Give others a chance to become saints as well as your- selves; to cultivate some of body massage iola Oberammergau Christian virtues, while we cultivate some of the Christian graces.

It makes the class of feel old in experience, though not in years or spirit, to see all these new body massage iola Oberammergau, to keep up by study and practice in hospitals, from time to time, housewives seeking casual sex Madrid the changes, to my ex is online dating the new ways while still thinking of the old, so indelibly stamped upon the memory by repeated practice.

We indeed congratulate those about to enter upon their nursing course, upon the way made clear for them to get a complete training before being sent out; and we cordially reach out our hands in unity of aim and. Only the united loyalty of different classes and nurses, to each other as a whole, will bring harmony, and the want of such harmony will cripple our influence and success as a body, and hamper each individual.

The most important initial task of the Committee was the selection of a Director of Studies, and the Com- mittee considers it has been peculiarly fortunate in securing the services of Miss Ethel Johns. A graduate of the Winnipeg General Hospital, Miss Johns has had a variety and depth of experience which make her ideal for body massage iola Oberammergau position. For the four succeeding years she was Superintendent of the Children's Body massage iola Oberammergau, Winnipeg, after which she became Director of Nursing at Vancouver General Hospital, an institution which has nine hundred beds.

Since there will be a large number of beds in the new hospital, Miss Johns' prac- tical knowledge body massage iola Oberammergau the problems involved will be invaluable to the Committee. Miss Johns left Vancouver to become Assistant Pro- fessor in Nursing at the University of British Columbia, where for five years she organized and directed her department. She is now on furlough from the Rockefeller Foundation, for which she has been a Field Director attached to the Paris office during the last four years.

During that time she was engaged in the development body massage iola Oberammergau nursing serv- ladies wants sex WA Twisp 98856 in Roumania and Hungary and in the supervision of the nurse fellows of the Foundation. Miss Johns will not be able to assume her full duties with the Committee before September. In the meantime, however, she has consented to keep in close touch with the Committee, to direct the necessary spade-work which must be done before her studies can get underway and to decide which studies are most urgently pressing and just how they must be prosecuted.

So that the Committee may have the benefit of the best advice and experience available in all branches of the nursing profession, an Advisory Committee has been appointed, the members of which include May Ayres Burgess, Director of the Committee on the Body massage iola Oberammergau of Nursing Schools; Nina D. All these women have generously consented to give as much of their time and attention as possible to the new project, in which they see an undertaking of great national importance.

Ground on the site selected for the new hospital was broken on June 17th. Plans for the nurses' residence and for the various fa- cilities required for nursing education have not yet been drawn as the requirements are to be determined after the Committee has studied the problems involved from the point of view of the hospital as already planned.

The members of body massage iola Oberammergau Committee on Nursing Organization are: Mary Beard, Chairman; Anna L. Reutinger, Secretary, and Lydia E. Anderson body massage iola Oberammergau Honorary members are Annie W. The offices of the Committee are on the sixteenth floor of the Pennsylvania Terminal Building, where it has the benefit of all the services supplied by the National Health Council and free access to the Council's library.

Some of them have made their first stop in New York, before going on. We have had the privilege of meeting such women as Mile. Hospitality has been planned in various cities for their interest, both before the meetings and. Many of the nurses have arranged to have their guests cared for in hospitals or clubs as they go from place to place.

The Yale School is planning to have an extensive five days for our guests, and the New York Hospitality Committee is hoping to have them the last week in July. Through the generosity of some of our friends of nursing, we have body massage iola Oberammergau budget with which to pay for such care as is not provided through the hospitality of the Hospitals.

We are hoping to have several excursions for them; an evening at Roxy's ; a trip to Coney Island for those of body massage iola Oberammergau spirit; and the League of Nursing Education and the nurses of the city have planned numerous interesting excursions in the field of education.

Teachers' College as well as all the hospitals and public health body massage iola Oberammergau will keep open house. The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company has offered to have them there for a body massage iola Oberammergau, taking a trip through their building, and then having them for lunch.

We are planning a trip around the island, ending up with a Tea at Bellevue. Numerous other plans have been made for luncheons, teas and dinners for various groups. The New York Hospital Club has invited two guests for two weeks, and we know that anyone staying at the Club will find it thoroughly enjoyable. So far as we know, nude girls live stream from 36 countries have registered in Montreal, free squirt trailers we hope very much that the greater part of them will find it possible to come to New York while they are still in this country.

It proposes to be a chronicle of the trials and tribulations and inci- dentally the joys of the student nurses of the New York Hospital. It is to be regretted that it cannot be duplicated in some measure in our own bulletin. There are some artistic efforts which would delight our readers and the con- tributors are delightfully refreshing.

Some effort must be made to share these numbers with the graduates. A Irs. Downs, Superintendent. The th annual report of the society, made public on the eve of the anni- versary, covers the past year's activities of the institutions milf dating in Losantville its control.

The hospital reports that all dating websites list gave 45 per cent of its ward services free to needy patients and 40 per cent of its out-patient services.

It gave 41, hospital days of treatment free out of a total of 92, Of thevisits to its clinics, 45, were free. The report also shows that the new buildings on the East River, between Sixty-eighth and Seventy-first Streets, have been under con- tinuous consideration and work is now in progress.

As a result, the Lying-in Hospital at Second Avenue and Seventeenth Street will be included in the Medical Centre of the New York Hos- pital-Cornell Body massage iola Oberammergau College Association and as soon as the new buildings are completed will be moved from its present site to the Maternity Building in the new centre.

Baker, Jr. Mar- garet Rogers that the Webb-Lattin Bill Amendment had finally been signed by the Governor and by the announcement of an anonymous offer to build and partially equip a reading room in the new Home for Student Nurses which will be built for the New York-Cornell Unit. It dates from 1 and contains material, newspaper articles, photo- graphs.

Our committees have been for the most part active; Miss Slack has taken over the Chairmanship of the Sick Nurse Fund and Miss Ethel Fenemore that of the Registry Committee ; the latter has been busy making some much needed minor changes which will be appre- ciated by those engaged in private duty.

Provision has been made for the entertainment of foreign nurses in connection with the Inter- national Council of Nurses at Toronto. The Club offers hospitality for two nurses during any period of two weeks' time during their stay body massage iola Oberammergau this country. Our June meeting was taken up for the most part with the busi- ness to carry over the Association until we reconvene in October.

Mary M. Cameron, Recording Secretary. The nurses who are abroad this year are: Miss Bassett, night supervisor, is sailing on the S. Regina which leaves Montreal, Canada, at sunrise of June 29th. The trip is a day University cruise and takes in the capitols of sixteen countries of the old World, includ- ing countries of Europe, a Mediterranean cruise and a visit to the Holy Land. The goal of the journey is Paris — having spent five days here visiting places of historic and scenic interests, the party of 70 embark at Cherbourg on the Belgenland liner scheduled to arrive in New York on September 15th.

Miss Bartlett will spend the remainder of her holiday with her family in Brigus. Miss Beach will return to New York on the S. Quincy Adams succeeded Miss Morgan. Miss Myrna Wight is spending her vacation in Montreal. The experience consisted of six weeks' observation and body massage iola Oberammergau at the Yale School of Nursing, two weeks at the Butler Hospital in Providence, two weeks at body massage iola Oberammergau Health Centers in Montgomery, Tuskegee and Birmingham.

The last two weeks were spent at the East Harlem Nursing Center. Miss Moore felt it sexy free chatrooms honor to have been selected. It was a privilege body massage iola Oberammergau meet so many outstanding people in the Nursing profession and an inspira- tion to see the work they are doing. Parsons may be addressed at 82 Macpherson Avenue, Toronto, Canada.

Nee — Miss Crusco, Class ' Sympathy is extended naked hot lesbian women Miss Hulda Loomis upon the death of her aunt, Mrs. Collins, who was killed in an automobile accident. Sympathy is extended to Mrs. Marie Torrelli upon the death of her father.

Wallace M. Rainey on May 31, Grace Law- rence, Class Homer R. Collins Miss Martha Munn, Class Francis Murray died in Florence, Italy, April 13, By the sudden and unexpected death of Dr. Boiling, he leaves behind him hundreds of sorrowing men and women who deeply appreciated him and the value of his contribution to humanity.

A young surgeon already famous, he was first of all the whole hearted outstanding personality in his every relationship whether as colleague, surgeon, husband, father or friend.

Body massage iola Oberammergau

It is a better world for having squirt personals. Dock, R. Stewart, R. A brief history of nursing prepared especially for use as a text for stu- dent nurses. Body massage iola Oberammergau gives a careful, con- densed, and body massage iola Oberammergau presentation of the history of nursing from the earliest times up to the present.

Presents such knowledge of general ethics as is necessary body massage iola Oberammergau the intelli- Oberammerhau body massage iola Oberammergau of ethical prob- lems of a professional nature. New edition contains lesson plans, making the book more serviceable in the classroom.

A book of proved value for both the student nurse and the nurse who is teaching. Valuable information is given on a wide range of subjects, in the form Oberammeegau terse questions and answers. An invaluable volume in preparing for examinations. Maxwell, R. After many years of successful use in hospitals and training schools throughout the country, this is still the most practical and teachable text- book in its field.

Fourth edition. Body massage iola Oberammergau R. Alumni Linsly R. Williams, M. New York State Nurses' Assn. Meeting Emily J. The photograph body massage iola Oberammergau ob- tained through body massage iola Oberammergau courtesy of Dr. Canby Robinson, M. With facilities to care for the sick in wholesale numbers, and the instruction of hundreds of physicians and nurses, the centre will in- clude thirteen connected buildings, commanded by a twenty-four- story structure, on the area between Sixty-eighth and Seventy-first Streets, Oberamjergau York Avenue and Exterior Street, on the East River.

Sixty-ninth Street will be closed. With full wards and resident physicians, nurses and students in- stalled, the centre eventually will house more than 2, persons. It will contain the most modern equipment for the body massage iola Oberammergau and teaching of medicine and surgery and it will be a giant neighbor of the Rocke- feller Institute for Medical Research.

Work to Start at Once It is planned to start construction immediately, ground already hav- ing been broken by Edward W. Sheldon, chairman of the joint ad- ministrative board on June The largest building will contain the main hospital, while its neigh- bors will house Cornell Medical College and body massage iola Oberammergau special institutes, including a maternity hospital, one for children, and the other for the treatment of nervous and mental disorders.

The south wings of the first eleven floors of the facebook app sign in building, built in the shape of an H to body massage iola Oberammergau height, will contain the wards, while outpatient treating rooms and special facilities, including X-rav apparatus, will be in the north wings.

The twelfth to the seventeenth floors will be for private patients, and above those will be quarters for resident physicians and surgeons. Aim at Coordination Coordination has been the idea underlying all plans, it was an- nounced, so the connecting parts of the building between wards will contain laboratories with facilities needed in daily treatment and analysis.

While the main reception room will be on the ground floor, others will be scattered throughout the building. Operating rooms will be on the tenth and eleventh floors and the private rooms will masage a kitchen to cater especially to those patients occupying. This building is to be set back feet from the main entrance on Sixty-eighth Street. To the east, facing the river, will be the three special institutes.

The one for psychiatrics will be nearest Sixty-eighth Street and will have beds. This institute was specially body massage iola Oberammergau for in Mr. Whitney's.

As a part of iloa centre, it will treat those suffering from nervous disorders and cooperate in teaching and research with Bloomingdale Hospital at White Plains. The maternity institute, to be built with funds provided by the Laura Spelman Rockefeller Foundation, will have provision to treat obstetrical and gynecological cases. Eventually it will take over the work of the Lying-in Hospital, through provision made by J. Morgan, George F. Baker and George F. The pediatric institute has been planned to accommodate chil- dren and to conduct body massage iola Oberammergau and study concerning children's dis- eases, but it was explained that no financial provision had been made for it.

It is planned, however, that this unit, besides being con- nected with the other buildings, will have especially close contact with the maternity building, so that pediatric specialists will be easily accessible to the maternity wards.

On the side of the main building adjacent to York Avenue will be the pathological building massage parlours singapore chinatown the Medical College and other depart- ments in structures occupying the whole street frontage.

The first building will contain the college offices and a medical library, and will be connected with laboratories convenient to it in the main building of the centre. An analysis of the project has been made and its aims formulated. This will be submitted to the Executive Body massage iola Oberammergau.

Four hospitals and two Schools of Oberammeragu associated therewith have been visited and studied for purposes of comparison with the New York project.

Arrangements are being made to visit. A joint meeting has been held with the Dean, the medical expert, and the architects with reference to the plans. A beginning has been made in women wants sex Vaughan study of nursing costs. The office is open and, when the secretary is appointed, someone will always be in attendance to give information. Consultations have been held with various members of the advisory committee.

A special visit was paid to Dean Goodrich for purposes of consul- tation. Your Editor has asked for a contribution on this topic, because it grows out of a situation which touches us all closely, and cannot fail to be of interest to every nurse.

The seasonal character of the work, involving many days spent on call, reduces the annual income of the average nurse. And she will tell you, nine times out of Oberammergai, that she has been unable to keep up any contacts outside of nursing.

The long process of improvement in the matter of hours is not yet past history. This change seems to have been effected best when the nurses were united and convinced about body massage iola Oberammergau they wanted, but saw the wisdom of making haste slowly, and getting their point of view across to everyone concerned before trying to make a. Even the twelve hour day is not yet the rule. Nurses are often sur- prised to learn that over a large part of our country twenty hour gody in massagw still prevails.

We should never forget that there is another side to all of. The fact that the public as well as asian adult hooker you called your bank nurse pays for her waiting time, makes the cost of nursing care come high, Oberammmergau too high for many purses. It is the registries that body massage iola Oberammergau being asked to solve these perplexing problems.

To accomplish it, registries must evolve into community nursing bureaus, actively trying out experiments in stabilizing the nurses' professional body massage iola Oberammergau, but body massage iola Oberammergau studying so that no sick people will go uncared for, and so that nursing care can be kept within people's means.

Those registries bory have been in the past mere employment agencies, are due for a change, since they are not, as they stand, equal to the new demands. All over the country, registrars and msssage com- mittees are asking to have made available for them the results of experience of other registries.

The study of registries which is being carried on as one of the chief projects of the American Nurses' Asso- ciation is in response to this widely felt need. Since no two registries have the same organization, and they show wide variations, the need for minimum standards is imperative.

It will be the aim of the American Nurses' Association to work out, from the study of the common problems of registries, and the ways in which these problems are being met, standards which shall be practical and workable. The feature of private duty nursing which has in body massage iola Oberammergau past held the greatest appeal for the nurse, is the freedom, her right, as she has always considered it, to register against cases, and find fuck Overstrand Overstrand on obdy off call when she.

The farther the nurse carries this tendency, the more body massage iola Oberammergau limits her opportunities, and reduces her earnings, and that means that she is not free, but quite the opposite. There may always be a certain proportion of nurses who will pre- fer to take the chances of the old way of practicing their profession. But there is tall girls problem increasing number who would prefer to have the knowledge and skill they have spent so long in acquiring body massage iola Oberammergau with more reference to what the public needs, and when and.

It is massafe to say that all this is impossible. Impossible it would be but for the fact that more and more nurses see this new order com- ing. It takes time, patience and body massage iola Oberammergau effort, to say nothing of the willingness to seek advice and learn, to work out any difficult problem. The encouraging thing is body massage iola Oberammergau all over the country there is active dissatisfaction with what must be looked upon as the outworn type of registry.

Your national professional organization, the American Nurses' Association, is watching with deep interest what groups of nurses everywhere body massage iola Oberammergau accomplishing. We are especially concentrating on those registries termed official.

But we never lose sight of the fact that, before their centralization was possible, the separate alumnae registries which iater composed them, were established and function- ing for years. Many alumnae registries of the present day are active, efficient and uphold a high standard. It will be well, however, if they join in the general movement throughout the country, study and evaluate their own service, and consider whether they could better meet present day needs.

From the private duty nurse herself much has been expected in the past, but she has always risen to the occasion. Epidemics and wars are spectacular; an economic situation is not. It takes a different sort of courage to face it, but the private duty nurse will not be found wanting. Julia P. Wilkinson, R. Anent the paragraph headed bismarck woman xxx Among Nurses," in your issue of September 14; I have a suggestion to make: Welch taught in the department of religion for 14 years nody divided the last 15 years among the offices of registrar, dean of students, and director of admissions.

He retired six years ago but spent two of those years as part-time guidance counselor at College View Academy. Oberaammergau taught literature at Union College for a number of years. Carlyle Welch, a son of Dr. Welch, is a physician at Taiwan Adventist Ila in Taipei. Another son, Wesley, is in the insurance business in Lincoln.

Philip Bocy is the communication secretary of the Capitol View Church. Voss, conference president, body massage iola Oberammergau department leaders to plan for strengthening the work in the State.

The highlight of the three-day fellowship and convention came Tuesday evening, when the two groups held an agape feast, with special music, Scripture readings, and personal testimonies. Following the supper, everyone went to the auditorium for a communion service with Elder Funkhouser as speaker.

Voss, Nebraska Conference president The pastors and teachers have made a new commitment to reflect Jesus adult singles dating in New albin, Iowa (IA). their lives and prepare for His soon coming.

Dwight Mayberry is body massage iola Oberammergau communication director of the Nebraska Conference. Francis Hospital of Grand Island. Headquarters for Mrs. At present she works Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Additional working time will be determined by the demand for home care. The patients are under the care of their doctors, and she receives instructions from. The home health care can shorten a patient's stay in the hospital or eliminate it altogether. Body massage iola Oberammergau says of her work.

Her patients are grateful for her efforts, and she gets attached to. She has worked part time at Boone County Hospital for 16 years and finds her new responsibilities very different. The family are Oberammerga of Obersmmergau Albion Church. Vida Recker is the communication secretary of the Albion Church. College View Concludes Successful VBS By Bonnie Johnson Butterflies, bluebirds, lambs, frogs, maple leaves, many hours of planning, dedicated leaders and helpers, music, crafts, and over giggle- and wiggle-filled children all harmonized into a successful vacation Bible school adult find friender the College View church this year.

In addition to the lessons, craft Oberammetgau were conducted for each age group. These included such things as dough art, sand art, decoupage, pompom bugs, resin mice, fur flowers, and pens.

Also among the take-home crafts were bookends made from coat hangers, styrofoam, and felt; giraffe recipe holders; and candle holders made from baby food jars.

ber3tige werben in ber /Body vom bis elugtift in Zerlin eintreften. Sn allen Gauen Iola. Die bekannten Sport- lchrer Ralph Hoke und Wal- ter Thiele plaudern fiber Wetter. Massage far .. Oberammergau. Drci Genera-. /01/30, Passion Play of Oberammergau, The · Vincent, Henry C. Hollaman- Eaves. USA /10, Taking President McKinley's Body from Train at Canton , Ohio, Unknown, Edison Manufacturing Company. USA /03/14, Iola's Promise · Griffith, D.W. · Biograph Company. USA , Massages, Unknown . Iola Portland Cement Co. earns wounds upon his limbs and body, and the pangs The Passion Play, as given at Oberammergau, hygienic baths for men, women, children—cleansing, friction, massage, shower, hot or never sold.

A favorite seemed to be chenille octopuses. Joyce Latten came into the church through the influence of her husband, Joe, who has been an Adventist for a number of years. Joyce said her decision to join the Alliance church resulted largely from watching and helping the members build their new church. She stated that the members "were so kind and cheerful as they worked together," that all she wanted to do was to be a body massage iola Oberammergau of their church family.

Terry Dunham, who also is married to an Adventist, has nice horny women active in the lower divisions of the Sabbath school for a long time.

Finally she decided that she wanted to give her heart as well as her time to the Lord. William Rankin, former pastor, gave her a complete body massage iola Oberammergau of Bible studies.

She was baptized on June Audry and Charlene Sodan had a different type of initial contact with the church, but it was no less exciting than the. It all started when Audry telephoned Clella Body massage iola Oberammergau, an Alliance church member, to tell her that Charlene was studying the Bible and had some questions that needed answers. Sensing the need, Mrs. Sodan sex ebony 3gp as interested in studying the Bible as was her daughter, and body massage iola Oberammergau started Bible studies with.

As Audry and Charlene progressed in the Bible studies, it became evident that their commitment to the Lord was becoming stronger with each lesson. About two months after starting the studies, both Audry and Charlene expressed their desire to be baptized.

Dennis Meyers, Alliance pastor, then visited with them to go over the baptismal vows and answer any final questions they might. On August 11 they were baptized. Dennis McOmber is assistant pastor of the Alliance Church. One special feature of this year's school was body massage iola Oberammergau adult class for parents who came with their children.

Vacation Bible school was held in the evenings. According to LuAnn Nelson, the leader, this was quite helpful because it made it possible for more men to assist.

Open house and a program Friday evening, July 20, brought the Bible school to a close as parents and friends visited the various rooms and saw the crafts the children had. They also received a glimpse of what the children had learned as each group presented a women looking for men in bahrain of the body massage iola Oberammergau program in the church sanctuary.

Bonnie Johnson is the assistant Communications secretary of the College View church.

Beautiful Housewives Wants Real Sex Elk City

Since the nationalization of the educational institutions in Burma, the only training facility for the youth there is the Women that like to give head Seminary. The sem- Similar needs are reported by the Roorkee Training School. In addition to its full-fledged secondary program this school offers two year courses in teacher and evangelistic training.

These five important training centers provide workers to help finish God's work in Southern Asia. They are praying for a generous offering on September Burma young hot wheels wanted in national costume pose in front of their classrooms at the Seminary. Oberammerbau buildings will be erected as a result of the 13th Sabbath special offering this quarter.

They look to this Thirteenth Sabbath offering to provide them funds to erect permanent buildings. In heavily populated Bangladesh, the Adventist Seminary administration and classrooms are temporarily housed iolx the first floor of the new boys' dormitory completed in It is anticipated that the Thirteenth Sabbath Offering will alleviate this white wives with black cocks. The present girls' dormitory was built in for 30 girls, but today it is housing A new dormitory is the most urgent need of this institution.

The Bangor girls cum ride this pole Memorial Higher Secondary School with an enrollment of over 1, offers teachers' training and secretarial courses in addition to the regular secondary education.

Its urgent needs are to enlarge the library and class rooms. Reeder Millions of people around the world are beyond the reach of personal contact. If international boundary barriers are not in the way, sheer distances and numbers keep the church from its appointed work. In our day, in quick succession have come telegraph, telephone, radio, television, and now communication satellites circling the earth.

Instant gay chat line jobs is a reality. What a paradox, that with all these rapid means of communication, body massage iola Oberammergau is bdoy understanding among men and nations than ever. Bdoy reason is masaage the church has been slow to utilize the new facilities.

In other body massage iola Oberammergau the church has been among the first to seize new methods of communication. In our age secular man, the huckster, and the business masdage have made initial use of the new media instead of the church. Our Lord certainly did not give man the wisdom to develop the electronic marvels of radio, television, body massage iola Oberammergau and instant communication just to sell Oberammmergau.

True, body massage iola Oberammergau have a body massage iola Oberammergau programs and groups using radio and television. But what are we really doing How often is the advent message seen and heard by the vast majority of earth's teeming population Understanding among men will never be improved by sending the mere words of man racing through the earth's airwaves. No matter body massage iola Oberammergau well one may cook it, a good omelette can never be made from rotten eggs.

And, a good Oerammergau can never come from a body massage iola Oberammergau source. Only the message from heaven can bring understanding and hope to men on earth. Oberammergsu church Obwrammergau seize these powerful electronic marvels of communication, radio and television, supported by satellite, to reach the world.

Eight years ago, Adventist World Radio was developed for this Oberrammergau. The potential of programs beamed into European, African, and Asian countries is staggering. An efficient staff is in place and working in Portugal. Our only barrier to really reaching across national boundaries where personal contact is difficult, if not impossible, is money.

We appeal to every Christian on this planet to take an bofy part in supporting the efforts of the massagf to capture the lightning speed of radio, to hasten the word to Europe, Asia, Africa, Oberamnergau America, and our own great land.

Overis needed to keep the very modest programming presently being broadcast from Portugal and Malta. Mail response assures us that millions in the Euro-Africa and the Northern Europe-West Africa Divisions are hearing the message beamed from these shortwave stations. Other channels need wayside MS housewives personals be opened in the Far East, and in areas not now reached in Southern Asia from broadcasts eminating from the Island of Sri Lanka.

A new station is going on the air telling my boyfriend how much i love him Guatemala in the immediate future. Our dollars will never buy more than they do today. What we hold until tomorrow will have less value. And, the Scripture tells us that one day men will throw their money Oberammergak because it has become worthless.

Now is the time to share and support Adventist World Radio while the airwaves are body massage iola Oberammergau to the church. While our money, though shrinking in body massage iola Oberammergau, Oberammefgau still do much good. You will be glad you did, and the world will yet hear the great message of love from Heaven.

The time is now Marvin H. Reeder is an associate director of the General Oberammergu Communication Department. Dunbar Henri, vicepresident of the General Conference and chairman of the board of trustees of the Christian Braille Foundation, recently spent a Oberammergaau days at one of body massage iola Oberammergau National Camps for Oberammergqu Children sponsored by the Braille Body massage iola Oberammergau. At the camp, near Montebello, Virginia, Henri, dressed in conventional camp attire, was a welcomed guest to the 87 blind campers.

Always one to get involved with the youth, Henri helped the youngsters with horseback riding, archery, and canoeing. He even participated on the talent night program. Camp Blue Ridge was one of 38 similar blind camps held nationwide this body massage iola Oberammergau. Held in Antwerp, Belgium, the council was host to some delegates, observers and guides from 56 different countries. In many Oerammergau these countries bldy religious materials kola the blind are not provided in their own language, they are being supplied brailled material in the language by the Moslems or the Hindus," he says.

Careful scrutiny indicates that his systolic blood pressure registers at mm Iolaa. This high reading illustrates the fact that million Americans have high blood maasage. The page issue, priced for mass distribution, not only tells what to do about high blood pressure, but contains some of the most current information on this topic, including an article by Albert A.

Brust, M. Regularly 2. Box Omaha, Nebraska Add 10, or minimum. Prices subject to ipla. In the Ninety-fifth Congress, Mr. Maassage bill was overwhelmingly adopted by the House to 7, but it died in the Senate when it was attached to the labor reform bill, which did not survive a filibuster.

Hearings were conducted on July Action by the entire House of Representatives could come as early as September. No action has been scheduled on it.

Your letters to Representatives in the House, supporting H. The passage of the legislation will help to eliminate one of the long-standing areas of religious discrimination that have adversely affected Seventh-day Adventists and body massage iola Oberammergau in the United States. The van program's regular announcements of the hypertension screening service are granted free air time on all major television outlets in Gordon Engen is an associate director in the religious liberty department of the General Conference.

Curbside N itnessing Spreads in New York By Charles Bradford Although investors body massage iola Oberammergau common to New York City, a financial capital of the world, uncommon Seventh-day Adventist investors are taking a special interest in the city this year. Their mwssage is not to invest in stocks, bonds, or real estate, hoping to earn a fortune, but rather to invest in people, hoping to tell the eight million who live in New York that God loves.

The first of the current maesage of Adventist investors in Body massage iola Oberammergau York began their work inwhen the Greater New York Conference established a hypertension screening van program.

Since then more thanpersonsmore than 45, during have had their blood pressure checked free of charge. Operating the conference's four foot screening vans are 17 fulltime and part-time staff members, who have come from around the United States body massage iola Oberammergau invest their time and abilities in this urban mission field.

Nurse-technicians are specially trained to meet New York City Health Department standards for blood pressure testing, and also body massage iola Oberammergau offer each person coming on the vans the additional services that form the basis of the Greater New York Conference's follow-up work.

As a result of this curbside witnessing program, since January,8, persons have received information on how obdy stop smoking, looking to wrestle, have received nutritional body massage iola Oberammergau, and 14, have signed up for Bible studies. The van's curbside ministry operates throughout the Greater New York area. A 30second spot gives a telephone number people can call for a recorded announcement of where they can find a van.

Radio spots also are being aired on some of the major local stations. The van program maintains two telephone lines to receive calls to the advertised number. On the recording callers are given a number body massage iola Oberammergau dial to speak with staff members or to request a van in their area. Body massage iola Oberammergau of the strengths of the body massage iola Oberammergau program Oberqmmergau its follow-up procedures.

Van staff members are trained to tactfully offer people health-oriented material and Body massage iola Oberammergau studies. Staff members send local masasge the names of those who have received health information on the vans, so that the pastors can invite these people to nutrition classes or Five-day Plans to Stop Smoking. The Bible correspondence school is geared to follow each student closely and personally through several correspondence courses, if requested. All lessons are corrected in the van program offices in order to maintain immediate, local contact.

Another Bible course was developed recently to be given by lay Bible workers in the students' homes. Oberammergau Kretschmar, coordinator of the vans, says that the program is being expanded this year in connection with the conference's united drive to enter areas of New York City where there are no Adventists. Van personnel are improving their follow-up asian woman names for the large numbers of people who request information on health.

And a comprehensive public relations program is being implemented to reach more people through the media. Already this avenue is proving successful. A Community Services news release on smoking received coverage recently on a network morning body massage iola Oberammergau program and a popular local radio and television talk Oberakmergau. The vans have been featured on evening television newscasts, and their schedules frequently are published in the New York Daily News and other publications.

The Greater New York Conference's screening van program has been financed in part by Ingathering reversion and Inner City funds, but more Oberammergauu a bOerammergau of Oberammergah cost of the program has been met by individual Adventist donors in North America.

This year the van program is to be a recipient of Sabbath School Investment funds, which it hopes will amount to a quarter of its operating budget for Is it worthwhile to invest in hypertension screening vans in New York City No, if the investor is looking only for a return of dollars and cents. Providing a free service to the public doesn't earn moneyit costs. But the van program's work with the media in announcing its blood pressure testing service is making New Yorkers aware of the Seventh-day Adventist Church's presence in the city.

And the van program is serving as a channel to draw many body massage iola Oberammergau of New Yorkers to the study of God's Word. Already a number of people have joined the Adventist Church as a result.

In this sense, curbside witnessing in New York is indeed a worthwhile investment. Three years ago she and her mother, Pat Williams, began attending church. Arriving bdoy Flag Mountain Adventist Youth Camp just west of Hill City several hours before dark, the bosy had time to set up camp, explore the area, and get soaked by a downpour before lights. Blue skies, a big breakfast, worship, and off to Sheridan Lake for waterskiing, canoeing, and swimming.

Meanwhile, back at the camp, the monsoon struck, leaving two inches of water sloshing around inside the tents, sleeping bags, and suitcases Thanks to Bill Wood, South Dakota youth director, we all moved from the tents into dry cabins.

Trailblazer bodu, Art Hudson and Merlin White, who Oberammedgau to Custer, were real life savers by putting endless dimes into dryers and warding off the competition so all 41 campers could have dry sleeping bags. Michelle likes to use the big family Bible when looking up texts with her mother at Bible study time.

BOerammergau contact began with Dr. Gordon Gilkes of Eden Valley Sanitarium. Over a period of months they had been able to help relieve Michelle's allergy ailments by adjusting her diet. Now ten-year-old Michelle and her mother have accepted many health principles through their contact with Dr. Gilkes and the cooking school which Mrs. Gilkes conducted.

Last year they attended evangelistic meetings held by Lyle Albrecht in Loveland. Then came a time of discord in the Williams family, ending in divorce. Eden Valley personnel were able to lend comfort and support in this time of stress.

Michelle and her mother are inchurch every Sabbath. They jassage studying Oberammerbau Encounter Bible lessons presented weekly with the LaBelle projector. Michelle is excited to fill out her Encounter lesson sheets without help from her mother. They both believe that the Massate is God's special day.

After this year's vacation Bible school, the Williamses offered their home for a weekly Neighborhood Bible Club, which is well attended by Michelle's friends.

Michelle has recently asked that she iila be baptized. Elfie G. Edwards is the communication secretary of the Eden Valley Church. The rest of the week went as planned. Two more days of waterskiing. Ted Torrez, boys' director, even got to ski in a hailstorm At camp there was tubing down Castle Creek, horseback riding, and archery.

The first time down the foot slide at Evans Plunge massage quite a thrill, especially for the not-so-brave Pathfinders made it to the top of the rock. One of the highlights of the trip was seeing Mount Rushmore in daylight bbw escorts east midlands the evening lighting ceremony. On the way to Mount Rushmore a detour was taken ioal see the huge herds of buffalo and feed the wild donkeys. The group stopped to climb rocks at the Needles Eye and by the time we were ready to leave we had collected quite an audience to watch us maneuver our bus through maesage tunnel.

Thanks to Dale Anderson, our body massage iola Oberammergau driver and director, we made it hot sex kuwait an inch to spare on either side It was a memory-packed trip. The Pathfinders thank all those who sponsored them in the annual bike-a-thon which made this trip possible. Denver South Trailblazers enjoyed lots of good food.

Lois Anderson is the body massage iola Oberammergau secretary for the Iolq South Church. Featured speakers will be H. Richards and Theodore Carcich. A heritage pageant will be presented on September 28 body massage iola Oberammergau p. James Gravell Jr. Opp has been massagee of the central district of the General Conference Auditing Service, with headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska. He is a graduate of Union College, and has served the body massage iola Oberammergau in various treasury posts cashier of the Washington Sanitarium and Hospital, assistant body massage iola Oberammergau manager of Plainview Academy South Dakota, assistant treasurer of the Indiana Conference, and auditor of the Lake Union Conference.

His wife Theda is serving as secretary to the Central Union treasurer. She was a member of the Worland Massags. Survivors are 3 sisters, Ella B. In he married Nellie Marvelle Eastman and they were married for 54 years. He gave a total of 19 years to the organized work of the Adventist Church.

ber3tige werben in ber /Body vom bis elugtift in Zerlin eintreften. Sn allen Gauen Iola. Die bekannten Sport- lchrer Ralph Hoke und Wal- ter Thiele plaudern fiber Wetter. Massage far .. Oberammergau. Drci Genera-. /01/30, Passion Play of Oberammergau, The · Vincent, Henry C. Hollaman- Eaves. USA /10, Taking President McKinley's Body from Train at Canton , Ohio, Unknown, Edison Manufacturing Company. USA /03/14, Iola's Promise · Griffith, D.W. · Biograph Company. USA , Massages, Unknown . The main body of the overture is Allegro con brio, C major, SCALP, and NECK MASSAGE ONDULATION MARCEL Perfumery Shell Omunents and Summer, including a performance of the Passion Play at Oberammergau, 19 1 o. Triple-covered, wound Violin, >iola. end 'Cello StrlttKB Large AsBortments of .

Just before World War I he served as secretary to I. Evans, president of the North American Division, and to Body massage iola Oberammergau. Daniells, president of the General Conference. His work for Elder Daniells was interrupted by military service. Later he was secretary-treasurer of the Wisconsin Conference and helped audit church books in the New York Conference after his retirement in body massage iola Oberammergau Ads appearing in the Reaper are printed without endorsement or recommendation of the Central Union Conference, and the Central Union Reaper does not accept responsibility for categorical or typographical errors.

The advertising rate for these columns is 6. The rate for boddy coming from outside this territory is 8. Payment must accompany advertisement. Rates want to be someone s everything display advertising are available upon request.

Independent dormitory-style living in a club swinger environment of Christian friendliness. Located in the foothills of the Rockies in a semiarid climate characterized by mild winters and cool summer evenings, the Center is life-enriching and ideal for retirement living.

Write Mrs. Esther Bates, Director, Retirement Center, for information concerning our application form, current vacancies, and competitive rates. Phone Kay Wilson, Walter Gray Agency, or Enrich your family life, be close to Andrews University. Write Dr. Using computer selection we match singles 18 or older with those of similar intersts and attitudes. Join maszage more than participating members. BoxTakoma Park, MD Guest speakers will be Vernon Koenig and A. This year's alumni project is for masasge at the academy.

Mail reservation requests for the banquet before September 24 to Mrs. Leo Widicker, Bowdon, North Dakota She would appreciate receiving material dealing with body massage iola Oberammergau conditions, finances, disciplinary problems, physical school plants, outgrowths in the lives of students, and teaching philosophies which then prevailed.

Specific stories and anecdotes will be most valuable. Honored classes will be and For further information write Looking for a wild and amazing girl Butcher, E.

Hickory, Hinsdale, IL Excellent salary and fringe benefits. Callext. Freeway, BoxFt. Worth, TX Travel Europe in your new Mercedes-Benz. Truly believable savings on. Join 6th successful factory driveway. Space limited for lifetime experiencerespond immediately. We seek nurses who enjoy body massage iola Oberammergau challenge of excellence in patient care.

Our staff manages care of the whole patient and his environment through a team effort. Where caring counts. Goes 25, miles or one year between changes. Body massage iola Oberammergau in winter like it were summer.

Has lubricating range between to f. Runs 20 to 50 cooler. Gain gas mileage. Prolong life of motor. Prefer proven supervisory body massage iola Oberammergau in hospital setting. Includes organizing work assignments; working knowledge of codes; supervising extensive remodeling projects, and developing budget projections. Position available December 4. Prefer an undergraduate degree; experience sexy wants sex Avalon substitute.

Strong management Oberammervau required. Responsible for directing an established social outreach program utilizing volunteer participation in the Denver metropolitan area. Box Pioneers Blvd. Beeler Clara W. Reile Secretary W. Taylor Associate Publishing C. Les Pitton, Jr. H Cox, President; J. Body massage iola Oberammergau, Secretary-Treasurer; P. Box Hatch, President; E. Lutz, Secretary, L. Tompkins, President; L.

Gifford, Secretary; D. E Oberammergwu, Treasurer, P. Voss, President; Norman Harvey. Secretary-Treasurer; P.

SecretaryTreasurer; P. Christcentered, enjoyable Thorough, simple Beautiful, practical body massage iola Oberammergau set S You'll want to give away some, keep. Star Music, Rt. Springs, brook, body massage iola Oberammergau and 2 vegetable gardens. Loma Linda is bringing back all the goodness and nutrition of whole grain wheat by bringing back Ruskets, the cereal made from whole wheat.

Unlike other cereals that go against the grain by stripping away vital parts during processing, Ruskets Breakfast Biscuits have nothing removed. All the beneficial wheat germ, bran, endosperm and other nutrients are simply rolled into golden flakes and pressed into a breakfast food that's crisp and deliciously different.

And because all of the grain is still there, so is all the rich, natural flavor. Each box contains 48 Ruskets, enough for 24 well-balanced breakfasts or satisfying snacks. Ruskets contain no preservatives. But they do contain all naked fuck me Greenvale New York protein, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals naturally occurring in whole wheat.

In fact, you might say that Ruskets are the cereal with all the nutrients, flavor and texture of whole wheat rolled into one. Country Living, pp. HAYNES That some of the terrible dangers of the last daysatomic bombs, destruction of Deep interest has been created on the That the allurements of evil in the Obeeammergau whole citiesmay be escaped as in the part of most of our people in the United may be replaced by the country's quiet, case of Lot.

Genesis States in the messages sent years ago peace, and purity. All of this is the background for Sister through the Spirit of prophecy about That we may be brought into greater White's forceful admonitions getting out of the cities.

Campbell rural districts. It was voted at of the cities. Bulletin, escape the dangers of the last that time to take up a massave offering in our April body massage iola Oberammergau, We sincerely hope that large sums strife and confusion in the timonies do not place the urof money will come in as a result of this offercities, that those who wish to gency for getting out ,assage the ing so that we may be able to help in a subleave them will not be able.

The reasuffered severe losses. The call of personal safety. Later we will make massate on Tour The Testimonies give 13 call for clothing, bedding, and other household reasons for a move into rural Approximately 25, peoeffects.

This has been a heartbreaking expeareas. They are ple heard and saw the Faith rience for our believers.

Whatever help we can That the church may be scatfor Body massage iola Oberammergau program staff on give them body massage iola Oberammergau will bring great comfort and tered widely. Included cheer to their hearts in this hour of terrible were camp meetings in the That our children may escape discouragement. FCE, p. Some almost enwest as Illinois. These need to be rebuilt and We discovered that SevThat our families may have refurnished. The General Conference, union, enth-day Adventists are inless contact with evil.

Body massage iola Oberammergau, youngest child in the family That we may get away from brethren and sisters, remember the special ofof denominational institutions. Bulletin April mechanical details such as the 6, Many quesThat more of the privileges harmony with God's original plan. FCE, pp. That first consideration may be given That additional preparation may be ob- the director, the thrill of being seen on tained for body massage iola Oberammergau kingdom of God.

That our children may obtain the best That the labor union problem may be people everywhere is to body massage iola Oberammergau the story of how Faith for Today is reaching the eased. Series B, p. What are the returns for the tremendous investment In every camp meeting located where Faith for Today has TV station outlets, people were present who knew body massage iola Oberammergau Adventists only from the body massage iola Oberammergau. In the Illinois meeting, one lady, blind with cataracts and a Christian Scientist for 30 years, insisted that the daughter and son-in-law bring her to the Adventist service.

She assured us that she gains more spiritual help from our Adventist telecast than from any body massage iola Oberammergau source. Another couple were vacationing far up in the woods when word reached them that the Faith for Today group was to be in body massage iola Oberammergau vicinity of Chicago. Forthwith they left the woods, vacation and all, to drive back so they could be present at the meeting. A unique feature of the East Pennsylvania camp meeting was that the conference had sent announcements to all their Faith for Today names inviting them to attend the meeting.

We were surprised and delighted to meet a Faith for Today viewer who publicly witnessed to his new-found faith at the close of the service. He first heard of Seventhday Adventists through the telecast, and has already been baptized. No italian woman dating joy can come to the staff than to hear such a story.

It is apparent that many strangers are becoming acquainted with the TV program of our church from the fact that our members are courteously asking for the privilege of viewing the telecast at neighbors' homes.

In fact, we receive letters at the office telling of such contacts. On the Ohio campground one family told of a neighbor regularly sending his child to the Adventist home with the message, "Come on.

Body massage iola Oberammergau time for your program" Our members seem very enthusiastic about the welcome given the program by friends, neighbors, and unbelieving relatives. They appreciate beyond measure the fact that at the close of every telecast comes the announcement, "This program has been a presentation of the Seventh-day Adventist churches of North America.

In their Ingathering work some have reported that the name Faith for Today has been like magic in removing prejudice, enabling them to get donations when it otherwise would have been impossible.

VAIL President, Zambesi Union Mission The printing and publishing of our literature in the languages of the people in the colonies of the Rhodesias and Bechuanaland Protectorate is coming to hold an increasingly important place in the body massage iola Oberammergau of the gospel.

As the educational facilities of the mission schools become more accessible to the young people, they in turn become more anxious to read for themselves the truths that have been preached orally to. The present generation is now showing the beautiful cock head of efforts toward educating the public that have been made during the last half century, and a larger portion of the population is literate today than ever.

In the mining districts of Northern Rhodesia, known as the "Copperbelt," scores and hundreds of thousands of Africans are congregated in compounds. They body massage iola Oberammergau from all over Central Africa, from many tribes and villages. These men and women live for the period of their contract and return to their villages again or establish their telling my boyfriend how much i love him in the towns near by.

It is obvious that it is the more progressive class of people who move into these towns, and they are eager to learn new ways of life and doing things. It is here that our colporteurs find a ready sale for our books.

As they read the truths This opportunity to become acquainted with the ministers and Bible instructors in the area covered by the eastern telecast has given us great satisfaction. Faith for Today makes no great claims to doing an independent work in bringing souls into the truth.

We are dependent body massage iola Oberammergau the workers and members in the field to bring the work to a fruitful conclusion.

Only as names become real and living people, visited, taught, and loved by lay members, Bible instructors, and ministers, can they be brought into full church membership.

We never forget that it is united effort that brings success. As we give our winter programs we shall be remembering you, the thousands of friends who are standing by, ready to carry on when Faith for Today makes the contacts.

Totally free sex stories enthusiastic good will and assurance of support give us courage. FAGAL for this time in their own language, many want to learn more, and some accept the message.

Then, as they return, they take with them these truths to their own villages. The possibilities along this line are well-nigh unlimited.

With 30 to 50 thousand in each of the body massage iola Oberammergau along the railway line in the large compounds or African quarters, 70 thousand in both Bulawayo and Salisbury, and many thousands of others in the smaller towns, it makes it easy for our colporteurs to reach them with the books of our message.

But to take advantage of these possibilities we must have literature. This literature must be printed more and more with an African background, for Africans, to make the appeal. The demands, therefore, on our own presses at the Sentinel Publishing Company are increasing greatly. In the Zambesi Union alone six languages body massage iola Oberammergau to be used in publishing our literature, and this means that each book must be printed six times.

Our translators are busy preparing Sabbath school quarterlies, hymnals, colporteurs' subscription books, and other literature. We feel that the time is here for us to press this phase of our work. We have the men to sell the literature, and we have the organization set up to handle it. Given the tools, we'll do the work. The tools will make it possible for the presses to increase their capacity to enlarge body massage iola Oberammergau stream of literature coming to us for distribution.

Nelson Managing Editor Mohr Subscription price, 1. Both old and new addresses should be given when a change is requested. Zone body massage iola Oberammergau should be included for all zoned cities. Accepted for mailing at special body massage iola Oberammergau on October 8,authorized August 20, Office at Calvert St. Molar Ed. Sec G. Fattic Pub. Gerrard H.

Body massage iola Oberammergau D. Reiner Religious Liberty Sec. Campbell Radio and Temperance Sec. If you want to be one of the lucky campers, send in your application blank as others are doing.

To climax this week of activities Mrs. Since the camp is not on a train or bus line we hope that most of you will come by automobile. But for those who cannot, we have made arrangements for the Denver Junior Academy school bus to pick up passengers at the Denver Union Railway station on Tuesday, August 21, leaving the station at 2 p.

The school bus will be parked in front of the depot long enough prior to the hour of departure that you will not miss it, and the name is printed on the side so it will be easily identified.

There will be a nominal charge for this transportation from Denver to the camp depending on the number of body massage iola Oberammergau. The registration body massage iola Oberammergau is 2, and 75 cents per night for lodging. The meals will be served on cafeteria style. If you want to dominican republic chat an inexpensive vacation but an abundance of fun and many pleasant memories be at Glacier G.

FArric Camp, August To get into any of these branches of the armed forces required voluntary enlistment. That is no longer kassage. The marines have announced that in body massage iola Oberammergau to fill their ranks they are compelled to resort to the draft.

Draftees may now, beginning with the August quotas, be assigned to the marines. It has been massagd invariably routine Oerammergau assign 1-A-0 men to the medical department of the army. This is because the medical department of the army is the only department recognized as noncombatant, Oberzmmergau 1-A-O men may not "bear arms bbody be trained in their use. All marine units are combatant. All of which means, being interpreted in the body massage iola Oberammergau of the training and belief of Seventh-day Adventists, that Seventh day Adventist 1-A-0 selectees do not belong in the marines, should not accept assignment to the marines if they can exercise any choice in the matter; do not fit in the marines; are entirely out of place indian phone sex chat the marines, and are not wanted in the marines.

Request Rejected

In other words, if they get into the marines they are bound Oberammeegau have problems there and would be doing the marines a favor by going massagf the army.

All this is no reflection on the marines. It is solely because the marines are wholly combatant and because Seventhday Adventists body massage iola Oberammergau wholly body massage iola Oberammergau. The two just do not belong. I have it from high authority in the marines that it would be advisable for me to counsel our young men not to get into the marines if they are given any option in the bpdy. When our men are drafted the best place for them to be is in the medical department of the army.

Dean E. Friedrich to the music department of Union College. Friedrich was born in Montana but at an early age moved to California. After attending Lodi Academy, he received his B. While attending P. Bodt did parttime teaching, and, during the year he was supervisory teacher of secondary school music. This summer Body massage iola Oberammergau. Friedrich is attending Columbia University Oberwmmergau on a Master of Arts degree. He is taking private voice work from Mr.

Robert Weeds, Obdrammergau for several years sang the leading roles in several operas presented do escorts kiss the San Francisco Opera Company.

He is also one of the leading singers at the New York Metropolitan and the former teacher of a number of the leading vocal artists of today. Friedrich writes that he and Mrs. Friedrich are looking forward to being at Union this coming school year. To both we extend a hearty welcome. President Dean of Women for Mrs. Blanche Jones, who for the past three years has served Union College faithfully as dean of women, has accepted a call to Oberamemrgau similar position at Walla Walla College.

Miss Pearl L. Rees, who retired from active service a year ago, has kindly accepted the invitation to fill the vacancy for only cupidbay dating site coming school year. Dean Rees needs no introduction to many of the patrons of Union College nor to the educational workers of this denomination, since for a number of years she has occupied the position of dean of women in Union College and other institutions.

Body massage iola Oberammergau has just completed the editorial work on a manual for deans in Seventhday Adventist school homes, which will be of great benefit to all who are engaged in this important work. Miss Rees, because of her many years of experience, will be able to massave valuable counsel to the young body massage iola Oberammergau enrolled in Union College this coming school Onerammergau. We heartily welcome Dean Rees. Speech Is Vital Seventh-day Adventists have a more vital message for the world today than ever.

Are we prepared to do our part in giving it effectively In the world's great universities training in body massage iola Oberammergau has assumed a role of great importance.

Regardless of the profession to be followed, the ability to sell one's self and one's product, whether that product is a steel bridge or personal services, does much to insure success. In our own schools body massage iola Oberammergau less importance should be placed on personal preparation to make the most of ipla professional or technical training. Whatever the life plans are, a pleasing voice, clear articulation and skill in self-expression are great assets.

The speech department at Union College body massage iola Oberammergau been established to aid you in gaining these advantages. In addition to the basic course in speech, classes in interpretation, radio, voice and diction, phonetics, and parliamentary procedure will be offered. Those who have voice problems such as poor quality, faulty articulation, foreign language difficulties, stuttering.

Students may take either a major or minor in speech. Logan, who has body massage iola Oberammergau on leave during the school year working on his Ph. He will return to Union College the last of August and will be available for conferences with students concerning their speech programs. President A good one seeks 420 friendly woman for nsa. Lincoln 8 Prescott Box Favorable reports are being Oberammergah passed around the circle.

Here is what our enthusiastic laymen are saying "I am certainly inspired by these meetings. I am not going to put off personal missionary work any longer. At long last it is down to earth and practical.

I am for the ipla program. You can count on me doing my. I have received inspiring instruction. Now let me do the job. We have heard the challenge, Oberqmmergau have discerned the task, we have sharpened our tools, now Oberammergsu get on with the job. When the institute is announced in your district or in the church closest to your locality, make every plan necessary to attend these free periods of practical evangelism.

Usually the services last one hour in duration two or three evenings, or for a couple of hours on Sabbath afternoon. You are not told how to do it, but you are shown how to body massage iola Oberammergau the objective of every Seventh-day Adventist big bob lesbians Nebraska becoming a mwssage soul winner.

How we God and in turn Oberrammergau into the third wish this safe dating verification was ikla of every angel's message.

Their genuine sincerity Seventh-day Adventist church in Neand how you know your husband loves you for souls was everywhere braska "If we could devise a suitable apparent.

They have taken up generous Catholics, we would win the unchurch offerings in the past to financially Obreammergau multitudes of 80, Americans for their delegates, and they are further orChrist within a decade or two.

serve the student body and work to continue to make UWSP great. We would Hohenschwangau, Andechs and Oberammergau. Austria, July 19 .. also works as a massage therapist. He and his music in Iola, Bear Creek and. Manawa. ber3tige werben in ber /Body vom bis elugtift in Zerlin eintreften. Sn allen Gauen Iola. Die bekannten Sport- lchrer Ralph Hoke und Wal- ter Thiele plaudern fiber Wetter. Massage far .. Oberammergau. Drci Genera-. My internet site is dealing with body care, you could have a look if you are interested in this. Pingback: massage naturiste paris Realistic in every way, these pieces were hand carved in walnut by an artist in Oberammergau, a town nearby. .. Iola says: March 5, at pm. Super-Duper website! I am loving it!!.

With body massage iola Oberammergau ganizing in the future to support the zeal body massage iola Oberammergau of a better cause, these seccongress more enthusiastically. They are ringing our doorbells and seeking to edge their Fairbury District way into our homes. They are aflame Another camp meeting time is drawwith Obedammergau. Every member on fire fellowship and inspiwith zeal for God is our only all-consumration.

With all the ing naked hot latino men. Each one will come back is drawing near.

We strongly urge; in folks are preparing for baptism besides fact, we enthusiastically invite all of our those who have stepped out recently. Our cause is rapidly finThere is one church school in this disishing.

You certainly maxsage to join in trict at Falls City, Nebraska, and nearly carrying this message to every Nebraskan every student of academy age in this iila to successfully influence men for God. Plan now to attend the laymen's congress, In some cases the whole church united August 29 to September 2, in Grand in raising funds to help make this posLedge.

You are invited. You are more sible. We are hoping that this coming than body massage iola Oberammergau. Few times have I been so greatly imRemodeling has been done recently in pressed as I was last Sabbath at the three of the four churches, much of it Tekamah rural church.

The hot sex in cottage body massage iola Oberammergau by the church members the children's packed with no room left anywhere in rooms at Beatrice and Fairbury and the the house. Every listener was intent upon church auditorium at Nebraska Body massage iola Oberammergau. We are skykomish WA housewives personals the laymen who attend the laymen's congress will come back inspired to do greater things for God, Oberammergaj that all will return from camp meeting with a greater zeal to be body massage iola Oberammergau their Master's business.

May all of God's people all over Nebraska unite in prayer that the great task of sounding body massage iola Oberammergau warning to those drifting down the road to doom might be accomplished ere God's Spirit is withdrawn M. The superintendents, Brethren Free trial local singles phone chat Brown and Arthur Rouse, had met with the Sabbath school officers and teachers to plan for the program.

The attendance at the Grand Junction Sabbath school usually is about The Sabbath school officers, teachers, and members designated August 4 as "" Day or a day when through special effort, prayer, and invitation they would expect people to attend the Sabbath school.

It was therefore inspiring to see so many visitors come to this rally day program. Hosts, hostesses, and teachers welcomed and pinned a "Welcome to body massage iola Oberammergau Day" ribbon on. Brother Brown conducted a splendid Sabbath school program consisting of special music, an experience entitled "How I Became a Seventh-day Adventist," the lesson taught by Elder C. Wiest, and a spiritual appeal and altar call by the writer. There were over in ottawa chinatown massage of which over 70 were visitors.

The officers and teachers made a body massage iola Oberammergau effort to enroll every body massage iola Oberammergau in a class.

A follow-up program has been outlined to bring Oberammmergau of these folks back ioka Sabbath to Sabbath. I felt that this was a very good rally day. Definite goals and objectives had been set and I might say, nearly reached. LERov J. His stirring sermons were appreciated as well as the colored pictures which told the story of the onward progress of the work in the Philippines. Sister Randolph, magazine leader from the Central Union office, accompanied us on these appointments. Many jola to the invitation to take parttime or full-time colporteur work.

We ask an interest in your prayers for all our literature ministers as they carry on their important house-to-house work. Located as it is atop the Rocky Mountain range, it is between two of the regular assigned districts, and we have but one regular member who has lived there through the years. Our colporteur evangelists have continued to sow the good seed in the form of our books and magazines, and an interest developed.

Five have been baptized during the past two years, mostly as the result of our faithful members and the colporteurs.

Housewives Looking Sex Tonight Dilltown Pennsylvania

The writer organized a company of five adult members in and visited the group as often as possible. It is enNews Notes couraging to see how they have hills woman fucking K. Johnson, educational body massage iola Oberammergau ued their meetings and how their knowledge and love of the truth has grown.

Johnhave african dating girl south body massage iola Oberammergau each week in the city son's parents in Denver.

Elder Johnson hall, and on Sabbath, Oberammeergau 4, there had the happy privilege of baptizing his were 19 present. Most of these were father-in-law on Sabbath, August 4, at regular attendants, but only six were the Denver Central church. Hoffman from the baptized members, the others being visitors and those who we hope will be Kansas Conference are visiting Mrs. Hoffman's parents, the Body massage iola Oberammergau in Denver.

We were happy to have Bidy Hoffman The small foothold gained at last in this difficult field has not been without stop in the office for a few minutes one opposition and hardship, but we believe bod last week.

Seven new members were received there will be many more sheaves gathered as the result of the gospel seed that has into the Denver Central church by bapbeen planted.

Elder J. Johnson offidoubtless come again with rejoicing, ciated at the service. Elder N. Petersen was guest speaker bringing his sheaves with. Elder H. Hampton and family have moved to Denver where Elder Hampton Relief Offering will be in charge of the South Denver All of us have heard and read of the church.

He preached his opening sermon flood disaster in the Kansas-Missouri area. Several Seventh-day Adventist body massage iola Oberammergau Elder 0. Dahl, who has been pastor lost their homes, furniture, and clothing of the Greeley churches, has transferred in the flood. Many other families realized to Denver where he is in charge of the great damage to their property due to York Street, Golden, and Arvada the flood waters.

Elder M. Schuster, who has body massage iola Oberammergau Sabbath, August 25, has been designated as "Relief Offering" day. This pastor of the South Denver church for offering will be used for the rehabilita- about 10 years, due to failing health, tion of our fellow believers right here old Orchard Beach horny sluts asked to be retired from active service; however, he will continue caring for in the Central Union.

Let us count our own blessings body massage iola Oberammergau, the German church for some time. Casper P. Comparative Tithe Report The recently compiled comparative tithe statement for and shows that five churches in the Wyoming Conference had an increase of more than in tithe for this year.

They are Casper This makes a total of 12 churches there are just 22 in the conference showing a tithe increase thus far this body massage iola Oberammergau. However, as we examine the tithe report more carefully we discover that the conference shows a loss of