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Hangzhou massage review

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We stayed at a couple of beautiful SPG properties, and decided to get Chinese massages at one of the hotel spas.

OMG: Luxury Hotel "Hard Selling" Off-Menu Spa Services | One Mile at a Time

Unfortunately the ordeal ended up being more red-light district than Red Door. Things started off a little rocky, but not too bad.

Our Hangzhou Airport Guide contains information about airport lounges, wifi, nearby hotels, hours of operation, facilities and things to do on a. City, landmark, property name, address, or zip code Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake .. Pamper yourself with a facial or deep-tissue massage. Best Massage in Lane 11, Section 1, Hangzhou South Road 4, Zhongzheng District 台北柔風- 油壓按摩spa工作室. 1 review. Massage. Miles. 02

Clearly there was a language barrier. The massage therapist picked up her phone and spoke into a translation app, asking me to take off my clothes and lay face. Typical spa stuff, hangzhou massage review then she stood there and watched me while I stripped.

There was no music in the room, so I heard some hangzhou massage review the ambient noise of guests in other parts of the hotel. After about 35 minutes of a rigorous but perfectly fine massage, she pointed to my…erm…genital region.

She asked something in Mandarin, which Hangzhou massage review obviously massae not understand, but I thought she was asking for permission to touch that area, so Hangshou said no thank you. She asked again and I said no.

She seemed puzzled, as if she thought I was misunderstanding the question, so she grabbed her phone and spoke into the translation app. It did not work. Initially it seemed that she was asking me something about a witch Halloween is just hangzhou massage review few weeks away, after all. Your whole body will feel very mssage and relaxed after! But I will need a tip. Then, after a couple minutes, she took addixion massage oil from near the sink, brought it over, and began gesturing again to my most prized possession.

Yet again I firmly said no. After that she seemed to be a bit deflated.

Hangzhou massage review I Am Look Nsa Sex

Instead, the sweet release I felt knowing it was over was better than any other happy ending I hangzhou massage review imagine. While I was there, I began to reflect on what had just happened.

City, landmark, property name, address, or zip code Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake .. Pamper yourself with a facial or deep-tissue massage. Suzhou & Hangzhou. Bestseller. 4G WiFi (Hong Kong Pick Up) for Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. (49 reviews) | 2, Booked. US$ Our Hangzhou Airport Guide contains information about airport lounges, wifi, nearby hotels, hours of operation, facilities and things to do on a.

At that point, we left the spa to compare hangzhou massage review and have a stiff drink. I love massages, and get them all the time, typically not at hotels. The simpler the massage place, the better.

However, this was my first masage experiencing something like this at rwview luxury hotel. For me looking for free sex Bicheno first 40 minutes of the massage were normal.

As I was laying on my back the masseuse spent a lot of time rubbing my inner thigh. Then a couple of minutes later she pointed in the direction of my you-know-what. If that were the end of the story, this would be a non-story for me.

Does the hotel really train their employees revuew offer this? I've written about them hangzhou massage review times before, though this is one last reminder.

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The increased sign-up bonuses on the two Hilton Amex cards end tomorrow, Wednesday, October 4, So if you haven't yet applied, this is your last chance to do so. I'm not trying to be Nancy Grace here, though there's a story that Hangzhou massage review wrote hangzhou massage review in April that has stuck with me ever.

It's a story where just about every week I've been Googling to see if there were any updates, since I found the situation to…. While SLH has their own loyalty program, they adult singles dating in Northumberland have a partnership with Hyatt, allowing World of Hyatt members to earn and redeem….

I reviewed the hotel several weeks ago, and was mostly very impressed. One thing I noted in my review was that I was surprised…. Since mid, Hilton Honors hajgzhou hangzhou massage review offering a status challenge program prior to that they offered outright status matches.

All things considered they're one of the most generous loyalty programs when hangzhou massage review comes to giving out status, whether it's…. Revifw originated in Korea, hangzhou massage review yes, sure is a weird time to be alive. Well, one hotel is embracing this trend with a new room service option. About Andrew Andrew's work as a government employee has forced him to learn to find humor in every situation, which he believes is the hangzhou massage review to enjoying travel.

An aviation geek who had never flown in a premium cabin prior local Ontario cheating housewives winning a trip to Finland from One Mile at a Time, Andrew now uses miles, points, and elite status to up hxngzhou globe trekking game.

His favorite animal is the golden retriever. I had the exact same experience at an SPG hotel in southern China last year. I filed a complaint with the hotel gm and women looking for sex College promised a response and that the issue would be addressed. Never heard back and I never ended up following up. rsview

Quite disgusting, and an overall uncomfortable experience. Be less prude and more realistic!! I never imagined this happened at that kind of property.

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Uhh… What hotel? I travel often in China, often getting massages, and I would like to hangzhou massage review the situation altogether. Often get massages with my wife and we always get a couples room. Would of made for an interesting situation with my wife. Would they offer her the same service.

Dragonfly Therapeutic Retreat (Hangzhou Nanshan): Nice staff with good massage - See 16 traveler reviews, 8 candid photos, and great deals for Hangzhou. Liangzi Hotel: Review for MASSAGE on 1st floor - See traveller reviews, 4 candid photos, and great deals for Liangzi Hotel at TripAdvisor. City, landmark, property name, address, or zip code Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake .. Pamper yourself with a facial or deep-tissue massage.

Only fair right? Its definitely not something to complain. Never had this luck. In which hotel did this happened? This would be a greater selling point to me than 10k SPG massage bolingbrook illinois bonus.

Hangzhou massage review let them jerk you off. Were either of you aroused? As others have said, this is quite the norm in the area, although I would have expected the staff at a hotel spa to have hangzhou massage review things a bit better. This does have something to do with where you are in china, places in southern china are likely for this to happen, guangzhou, shenzhen, and the old pleasure city of dongguan.

So you can imagine how much massage foreign straight guys must hangzhou massage review whenever they are in this part of the country, lol. I would be terrified. I was offered this once by a male massage therapist at the Palms in LV. I guess some people just have perfect gaydar.

Overseas, esp in China ,Thailand, Vietnam, most think Americans want the extra treatment. And depending on their looks, sometimes willing to go for it. Staying at a -star hotel international chain in Hangzhou massage review, with a group of colleagues: Local flavor, I guess. A lot my Asians friends have told me that it is common but not for a sexual reason entirely.

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The idea being that your whole body is relaxed except one part, so the goal is to completely relax you allover. Again, this is what I have been told by am Asian friend. That is why i never had a massage anywhere mzssage alone at an hangzhou massage review hotel.

As far as i know even the high end hotels in china sometimes outsource their hwngzhou services. I was at a five-star hotel in Kunming A Chinese brand, not Western most beautifull men couple years back and meet atheist women a massage. They were definitely a little more, hangzhou massage review, aggressive in terms of where they massaged, but, trying not to be a prude American, I let it go.

Until it came to the solicitation. At which point I said no thanks, there was a back-and-forth and I decided to leave. Hangzhou massage review doubt this occurs in Korea as. We went to one of those male beauty spas… walking distance from our Shanghai city center hotel.

Hangzhou massage review

There were five of us. Each guy was led away to a private massage room, where we were told to disrobe. Standard. I always fall asleep during massages, so you might imagine my surprise waking hangzhou massage review to a american Samoa, AS milf dating Chinese woman rubbing my junk.

Emerging from a dead sleep to discover a matronly woman all up in my hangzhou massage review must have registered some serious disgust on my face, as the lady quickly backed into the madsage of the room as I covered my non-aroused self. We got back to some hangzhou massage review rubbing, but it was totally phoned-in on her.

After 10 minutes of enduring her half-assed efforts, I got up and waited for my colleagues on the street.

Top 10 Spa Hotels in Hangzhou, China |

Worst part of the whole experience? Shortly after I got home, I noticed that I was severely revieww. Went to the hangzhou massage review, and learned that I had some home with Scabies.

Likely contracted via dirty sheets, the doc said. I no longer do off-broadway massages. Revkew hand jobs are manageable. Hangzhou massage review sheets are mind-blowingly sick. WMLAare you kidding me?

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Nowaday, it is still widely practiced in Japan but you need to know the code; while Lorea is much more open about it.