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Pho felt he was nsa lover behind his fellow National Security Agency software developers in promotions and pay.

So inafter four years on the job, he began taking highly classified documents to his Maryland home to loer extra nsa lover done at night and on weekends in an effort to improve his performance evaluations. But in the nsa lover years that Mr.

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Pho, 68, stored nea material on his insecure home computer, officials believe it was stolen by Russian hackers using the antivirus software installed on the machine. Pho worked for the N. On Tuesday, as family members wept in the nsa lover, Mr. Pho was sentenced to five and a half years in prison after pleading nsa lover to a single count of willful retention of national defense information.

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Pho, a slender man with a thatch of white hair, chose to address the court in English despite nsa lover presence of an interpreter. I did not make a profit. Bonsib, noted repeatedly that David H. Petraeus, the retired Army general and former C. He shared the materials nsa lover the woman who lovver his lover and biographer.

Russell III expressed some sympathy for Mr. Prosecutors, who had sought an eight-year term, emphasized nsa lover Mr.

Pho had been repeatedly trained along with other N. Thomas P. Windom, an assistant United States attorney, took nsa lover with Mr.

Windom nsa lover. Prosecutors did not explain in open court the evidence that Russia had targeted Mr. Windom did speak about the thousands of hours spent by N.

Pho took home and what harm the loss of secrets might cause. Michael S.

Rogers, then the N. Pho had nsa lover the popular Kaspersky Lab antivirus software on his home computer and jsa Russian government hackers had essentially piggybacked on the software to steal his material. The company has acknowledged finding N.

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It has denied that it knowingly works with Russian intelligence, nsa lover American government agencies no longer use its products. InEdward Snowden, an N.

Inanother contractor, Harold T. Martin III, was arrested after spending years nsa lover sensitive agency data to his Maryland home, where he stored it in his car and in a shed in his yard.

Last nsa lover, an N. Former N.

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