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Sex story with a stranger

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I want to be touched, grinded, fingered, licked, sucked, breast play by a women. I can send resume and photos.

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This is a true story of a event that happened not long ago. My stranget and I went away for a weekend. We stayed in a nice hotel with a view. I have always had a fantasy of been tied up and sex story with a stranger and a complete stranger come and fuck me.

This one night I shower my husband out looking for a suitable man to come and do me. Shranger dress into a g string and robe. I put on make up and perfume.

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My husband arrives and says he had found. I get nervous. I lay down stkry husband cuffs me and ties me to the bed. He blindfolds me and kisses my lips.

He says enjoy. He will be there watching. Moments later there is a knock at the door.

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My husband opens it I hear a guy walk in. He has been told my rules no talking. I hear him undress and sit on the side of sex story with a stranger bed next to me. His hand on my knee sliding up my thigh. He pulls my leg towards him opening my legs. He runs his hand over my stomach and down over my underwear over my pussy.

He then slids his hand up my stomach pulling my robe open exposing my tanned curvy breasts squeezing and caressing. He leans over I feel his breath as he passionately kisses my lips as he squeezed sed breasts.

He then gets on the bed between my legs straddling me kissing me. sex story with a stranger

He kissed down my atory to wtranger cleavage caressing my bust kissing my cleavage. He then takes my nipple into his sex story with a stranger sucking it. I feel him kiss down best lesbian sex tape body to my panty line. He kissed over my g string pushing in to my clit circling it as he caresses my breasts. He then licks down to my opening pushing his tongue around it rubbing my clit with his thumb.

I strangerr as he pleasures my knowing my husband is watching. He then pulls my G-String off then stuffs it in my mouth. I taste my pussy juices on it. He then proceeds to put his sex story with a stranger up inside my vagina finger fucking me as he licks and circles sex story with a stranger clit pushing his tongue hard as he pleasures me.

After a while he stops and moves. He pulls the G-String from my mouth, seconds later I feel his knob against my lips he slaps it against my lips. I open my mouth, he guides my head up and down his shaft. I suck it, its big and circumcised. I taste his pre cum as he fucks my mouth I suck hard closing my lips around it. The stranger pulls my head up his shaft holding my hair as he thrusts inside my mouth.

He then takes it. I feel him run it down my neck then back up circling my mouth. I feel him turn around we are in a 69 I open my mouth as he guides his cock back in my mouth.

With no hands I suck his cock as he pleasures my pussy licking it and finger fucking me.

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He then gets off and gets between my legs. He spreads them are rubs his cock up and down my pussy over my clit and pussy lips. Sliding is inside them rubbing my pussy srx his knob. He circles it around my opening my pussy lips as he sucks my tits.

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Sex story with a stranger moves up my body rubbing my mouth with his knob drips of cum dribble over my mouth I suck them up. After a few more minutes he rubs my naked massage erotic with had re-hardened cock and slids it deep inside my pussy. He slowly fucks me caressing my breasts. He fucks me kissing my lips caressing my breasts.

I moan as he extends his arms one hand on each breast squeezing them as he rides he. I feel his cock slid deeper inside me penetrating me. He slaps against me. I roll over and am retied. He kneels behind me spreading my legs and my arse cheeks.

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He then slids his cock deep inside me doggy style. He thrusts deep and hard fucking holding my arse cheeks he slaps my arse.

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He thrusts me with the occasional slap. I feel him watching his cock slid between my pussy lips. He slaps my arse every fourth or fifth thrust in my pussy. I then feel my need someone to talk to chat been lifting by my hair. A cock been thrust in my mouth.

I know its my husbands Ive sucked it enough times to know. I suck it hard as the other guy fucks me harder. I can just support myself on the bed as I suck my husbands cock. Its sex story with a stranger husbands voice.

My husband is in a different place. They there swap my original guy withdraws. The new guy slids inside my pussy fucking me. The original guy puts his cock in my mouth I taste his and my juices.

The new guy fucks me hard holding my hips His cock not so big.

Closing Time. Sarah's bar is closing for the night, when a stranger enters. by sinfulwolfLesbian Sex 08/22/ badge. k. 3. I have always had a fantasy of been tied up and blindfolded and a complete stranger come and fuck me. I don't want to know his name, or what. Sex With Stranger Stories from Juicy Sex Stories. Quality, original erotica. Do not enter site if you are under 18, if erotica offends you or is illegal.

Small cock licks and sucks my clit and pussy lips and witg fucks me. I lay back as Guy2 pleasures my pussy with his tongue and fingers me as I suck Guy1 cock. Guy2 sucks and caresses my breasts sucking. He slids his cock hot single girls in Ostrander Minnesota inside me. He fucks me as he caresses my sex story with a stranger. Guy1 takes his cock out of my mouth.

Guy2 ribs my clit with his thumb as he fucks me.

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My husband encourages sex story with a stranger. After a while they swap Guy 1 slids inside me. Guy 2 caresses and sucks my breasts and kisses my lips and guy 1 fucks me.

Guy 1 cums filling me with his cum. He withdraws. Guy 2 stands up. I feel my pussy been cleaned with a flannel, a finger inside me.

Guy 2 then guides his cock into me and fucks me hard sex story with a stranger I feel a guy on each side of me sit. They caress my breasts as Guy 2fucks me. Tied up naked and exposed and blindfolded as my husband watches two men fuck me.

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Guy 2 cums filling me sex story with a stranger semen. After 5 mins they have showered and dressed. They kiss me goodbye and husband takes off the blindfold.

I look down at the semen spilling from my fanny. I am untied. I shower and we go downstairs for a drink and dinner. I am aware srtanger the two guys who have just fucked me are. Any girl down to text husband says they are. My name is Dee. Husband's name is Raymond. We are loving sharing our sexual experiences as we have had .