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Why do boys cheat in a relationship Search Man

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Why do boys cheat in a relationship

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The participants were young, 20 years old on average, but their reasons for straying are common themes that could apply across other ages, Selterman said. No longer feeling passionate love or even falling out of love. Erotic tales online the relationship to be boring, dull or stagnant.

Feeling that your partner is not paying enough attention to you or not spending enough time with you. Not feeling appreciated.

You feel sleeping with others will improve bpys sense of self-worth, signal your independence or increase your social status and popularity.

You suspect or know your partner has betrayed you, so you want to get. Men were more likely to list motivations having to do with sexual desirewhile women pointed to neglect, the study.

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Professional adulterers consider these other activities to be cheating. See more videos. What to watch.